By | November 10, 2023


Scientific Games continues the company’s commitment to global responsible gaming education through the National Council on Problem Gambling’s annual “Gift Responsibly” holiday campaign. The 2023 holiday season marks the sixth straight year Scientific Games has participated in the campaign, advocating that lottery games are not child’s play.

Scientific Games joins lotteries around the world in the “Gift Responsibly” campaign to help raise awareness about the risks of gifting lottery games to minors during the holiday season.

“By taking part in the Gift Responsibly Campaign, Scientific Games supports our mission to reduce youth problem gambling,” said Keith Whyte, NCPG Executive Director. “Lottery games should never be given to minors, during the holidays or at any other time. Childhood exposure to lottery products can lead to lifelong problems, and youth problem gambling is a public health issue.”

Scientific Games’ Healthy Play program offers lotteries a robust set of science-based tools and best practices to help them educate their players about all aspects of lottery, including knowledge of the appropriate age to purchase and play lottery games. The company’s Responsible Gaming Study and toolkit provides actionable insights including research-backed messaging, mechanisms and practices to increase lottery literacy and healthy play levels, and ways to measure the impact of these efforts.

“The NCPG’s Gift Responsibly Campaign and Scientific Games’ Healthy Play program share a common goal: to spread knowledge and promote responsible lottery participation,” said Carla Schaefer, VP of Responsible Gaming for Scientific Games. “Increasing lottery literacy gives players the knowledge they need to play responsibly and keep lottery games out of minors’ hands.”

Scientific Games is one of the first lottery suppliers to achieve global certification as a Responsible Gaming Supplier from the World Lottery Association. The company’s Healthy Play program received a 2023 Communitas Award for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibly.

With global operations spanning five continents, Scientific Games is the world’s largest creator, producer and manager of lottery instant games and a global leader in lottery and sports betting technology systems, digital lottery games, mobile apps, and player loyalty programs.

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