SGG Media Launches Social Media Ad Instant Quote Program

By | December 21, 2023


SGG Media launches innovative Instant Quote online platform providing businesses social media advertising campaign quotes in seconds

Industry-leading social media sports marketing agency SGG Media is excited to announce the launch of its cutting-edge social media advertising campaign quote tool, Instant Quote.

Instant Quote, is now available on the company’s website (SGGMedia .com) providing businesses across all sectors with social media advertising campaigns of all sizes within minutes.

SGG Media specializes in social media marketing, using its network of over 1,800 sports micro-influencers help companies create impactful and memorable social media marketing campaigns. SGG Media influencers have a combined access to over 55 million avid sports followers, creating over 50 million impressions across all social media platforms monthly.

The company sets the gold standard for micro-influencer marketing and, since its inception in 2020, has helped redefine how companies advertise their products on social media to the huge demographic of sports fans nationally.

By using Instant Quote, companies will be able to get a quote for a social media campaign that fits their needs and budgets. They can choose whether they want to launch a branding campaign, a new-user sign-up campaign or both. It will then guide users through a series of questions, all designed to help SGG Media create the perfect social media campaign for a business’ needs.

The survey will ask users what region they want to market their campaign in and whether they want to target a specific sport or even a specific team’s fanbase. All of this information is then processed by SGG Media, who, after you have provided some details, will provide you with an instant quote in a matter of seconds.

Once the campaign has been agreed upon, SGG Media will create advertising content that is then distributed among the company’s network of social-media micro-influencers, specifically targeting the demographics you have requested. This provides an unparalleled reach for businesses that can be accessed for campaigns starting as low as $1,000 monthly. Campaigns can be up and running as quickly as 48 hours after you begin the Instant Quote process.

“The launch of our online quote platform is one we are extremely proud of and we believe it will be a game-changer for many businesses looking to target the 21 to 40-year-old male sports fan demographic,” the Chief Executive Officer for SGG Media, Troy Paul, said. “Traditional marketing can be extremely expensive for companies, and many do not realize there are alternative options. Using Instant Quote, businesses across all sectors can create a social media marketing campaign that suits their budget and company size.

“For many companies, the idea of social-media marketing might seem like something unattainable, with many not knowing where to start. Instant Quote provides that accessibility, making social-media marketing available for everyone.

“Our tool streamlines the sales process. There is no need for anyone to speak to a salesman, with people telling our platform everything it needs to know and then allowing our incredible network of social media influencers to get to work.

“We want to make social media marketing accessible for businesses big and small and our tool will highlight the fact that it is possible to launch an effective social media marketing campaign that can reach millions of people for as little as $1,000 monthly.”

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