Shell Shockers passes 35 million game plays on CrazyGames’ web portals

By | August 20, 2021
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Web gamers have obliterated, cracked and scrambled so many eggs in Shell Shockers that the title has surpassed 35 million game plays on CrazyGames’ portals.  The explosive growth of Shell Shockers, from Blue Wizard Digital is reflected across CrazyGames’ portals – web gaming is booming.

Peak monthly visitors to CrazyGames’ web game portals have grown by more than 5 times in since 2015. The number of game plays (US figures) has exploded by 800% in the last five years.

“Web games are having a resurgence after the “flashpocalypse” where so many Flash titles basically went extinct,” says Jason Kapalka. “CrazyGames are at the forefront of the boom in web games and I’m delighted how successful Shell Shockers has been on their portals.”

CrazyGames has been one of Blue Wizard’s most valuable and trusted partners in web games since it first published Shell Shockers three years ago.

“I chose CrazyGames because of their strong support for developers, especially in marketing and monetisation, as well as their massive audience (17 million and growing) in countries like the United States,” Jason continues.

 “Millions of people play web games like Shell Shockers every day,” says Raf Mertens, CrazyGames’ CEO. “They like these games because they can instantly play a library of titles whenever they want on any device, without worrying about download times or installs.

Based on the games success on web, Blue Wizard is launching a mobile version which will let players simultaneously battle online over multiple devices.

Shell Shockers on CrazyGames portals in numbers:

  • Over 3 Million players
  • 1.7 Million eggs shattered in June 2021
  • 8 Million egg explosions and counting in 2021
  • 20 minutes and 47 seconds: Average play time per session
  • Top 3 countries United States, Canada and Taiwan
  • 900,000 in-game cosmetic items purchased

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