Slot Jackpot Stolen When Player Forgets Voucher

By | July 26, 2021

How on earth do you have your slot jackpot stolen? Well, you walk away from the machine and leave your winning voucher behind!

How on earth do you leave your winning voucher behind? Well, we would ask the man who left his, but he chose to remain anonymous! Probably his first good decision in a while!

The incident occurred at the Wind Creek Casino in Pennsylvania when a 40-ish year old man hit a big win for just under $2,000. Somehow, he walked off and left his winnings behind. Perhaps alcohol was involved?

Whoever wandered up to the machine next found the $1,956 winning voucher and (according to police) took it to a kiosk and cashed it.

So is it fair to say the player had his slot jackpot stolen? Or is it more accurate to say another player got lucky and found some money? I guess it depends on if you lost the money or found it.

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