SlotsCalendar Successfully Launches in the U.S. Market

By | March 26, 2024


SlotsCalendar has launched its tailor-made platform for American users: The brand’s clear aim is to provide a digital environment where impartial and informative content is optimized specifically for the American market.

SlotsCalendar has turned itself into a well-established brand in the iGaming field, with over 3 million users in 2023 and a forecast of 7 million for 2024. It managed to do so by blending a clear identity philosophy and a properly optimized platform from a technical point of view. The brand succeeded in becoming an authoritative and trustworthy voice in the industry in which it is active.

The platform’s launch in the international iGaming scene has seen it gain traction in the British market as well. Despite the UKGC’s notoriously exigent standards, SlotsCalendar’s quality-driven approach has propelled it into a successful yet legally compliant sphere in the UK. Given its rising popularity among players without cutting any regulatory corners, the brand proved to be a viable business model.

Consequently, expansion in other markets was a natural step forward. In its data-driven fashion, SlotsCalendar’s staff commenced a project that aimed at replicating its success. The US, a market where iGaming is becoming increasingly popular, was identified as a viable field that could benefit from SlotsCalendar’s expertise in the digital gaming world.

Viorel Stan, CEO of SlotsCalendar, said: “The complete faith I have in the team we built at SlotsCalendar leads me to be utterly convinced that our brand can work in any market. Our belief in unabashedly providing relevant and unbiased information is a universal value that we implement in every single thing we do. By adapting our business model according to the necessities of each state where iGaming is a legally accepted source of entertainment, we ensure that we speak to the needs of our users. We’re delighted to make yet another leap in our quest to prove why our vision, paired with a relentless work ethic, can be of great help to any player out there.”

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