Slovakia: Greater protection for youth and at-risk groups thanks to responsible advertising

By | February 6, 2023
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Based on agreement between gambling operators and The Gambling Regulatory Authority (URHH), Code of Responsible Advertising was adopted and came into force on 1st of January 2023.

Although most gambling ads are created with the intention of targeting adults, young people and vulnerable populations are more and more exposed to aggressive advertising. “Our interest is that gambling represents a safe source of entertainment, and these will be a legally predictable environment for operators and consumers alike. That is why I am pleased that together we have succeeded in adopting a document that defines clear advertising standards, which will help to increase the protection of at-risk groups and youth.” said Director General URHH David Lenčéš.

Slovakia’s Gambling Regulatory Authority prepared the Concept of Responsible Advertising, which became the basis for adoption of the new document.
The aim of the document is to ensure greater protection for minors and vulnerable populations through the compliance of the new self-regulatory mechanisms by operators in gambling advertising.

The new guidelines contain set of advertising gaming standards promoted in the Slovak Republic, to which can be voluntarily subscribe all legal gambling operators can be voluntarily subscribed as well as other stakeholders in the media industry, who promote gambling.

“I hope that these rules will be an important starting point for further discussions on how to responsibly face the gambling challenges. Our common goal should be to promote a strong and modern regulatory framework that will be provide protection for at-risk groups and the youth.“ said David Lenčéš.

Any legal gambling operators or other stakeholders in the media industry promoted gambling may voluntarily subscribe to Code of Responsible Advertising with declaration signed up a statutory representative.
So far, 36 operators have signed up to the Code of Responsible Advertising, which represents more than 80 % of the gambling market in the Slovak Republic.

The latest version of the document and the current list of entities that have signed up to the Code, can be found on the website of the Gambling Authority from January 1st 2023.

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