Soft2Bet Adds New Gamification Elements to Their Project, Malina Casino

By | December 13, 2022
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Soft2Bet has just renovated its sophisticated project, Malina Casino, adding a newest series of gamification elements, including:

The Achievements Section – 42 achievements have been added and players who unlock these are rewarded with coins. The achievements are specifically created and localised in accordance with the target markets of the project. A long-term gamification reward called the “collection of achievements” was also added, where users can receive a cash prize when unlocking all the achievements.

Coins – The gamification element known as Loyalty Points has been replaced by coins. Users can accumulate coins as part of their balance when playing in the casino, making deposits, completing achievements and winning tournaments.

The Shop – Players can use the coins they accumulate to buy bonus money and Free Spins of differing amounts and spin values in the bonus shop. The shop has a selection of items which serve to attract several different user groups, spanning from low to high rollers. Players will also be able to enjoy Free Bets for sports.

Tournaments – Players that enjoy taking part in the tournaments can now win new rewards including bonus money and coins.

This is a significant improvement for the brand that will help garner wide appeal in the industry, particularly among players that enjoy projects with a unique mix of advanced casino features and stunning aesthetics.

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