Spillemyndigheden: In 2022, Danes Spent an Average of 314 EUR on Gambling

By | June 26, 2023
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Figures from a new report from the Danish Gambling Authority show that every Dane over the age of 18 spent an average of DKK 2350 on gambling in 2022. Over half of the spend comes from online channels.

With an average gambling spend of DKK 2350, Denmark had the 12th-highest gambling spend in Europe in 2022. Compared to the Nordic countries, Denmark is the country that spent the least money on gambling, as Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland all had a higher average gambling spend per capita over the age of 18.

In 2022, 60% of all gambling in Denmark came from online channels such as computers, smartphones and tablets. This places Denmark in fourth place among the European countries.

“Even though the majority of Danes’ gambling takes place online, the Danish Gambling Authority naturally still supervises the land-based gambling market such as casinos and gambling arcades and kiosks, among other places. It is important that the law is complied with, both concerning online and land-based gambling,” Anders Dorph, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, said.

With the general technological development in mind, it is not surprising that the proportion of gambling activities taking place online has been increasing in recent years.

The Gambling Market in Numbers

The figures come from the Danish Gambling Authority’s report “The gambling market in numbers 2022”. In the report, which is published every year, the Danish Gambling Authority gathers a number of key figures on the Danish gambling market.

“I am pleased that every year we can publish ‘The Gambling Market in Numbers’, where we look back on the year that passed in the Danish gambling market. The release gives both us and our stakeholders a really good and useful overview of the current development in many different aspects of the gambling market in Denmark,” Anders Dorph, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, said.

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