Spin Love and Win arranged Valentine’s day by RocketPlay

By | February 17, 2023
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RocketPlay created for players the chance to win one of the most romantical date in their life. From the 8th to the 12th of February Spin Love Win promotion has been active. The prize pool was 14 000 EUR aimed to be shared among 14 luckies, but the main feature of the tournament was a special prize for the first 3 winners.

Those players were awarded a unique chance to get a prepared Valentine’s Day by the RocketPlay team or a monetary prize in the equivalent of a celebration. Other lucky winners were congratulated with cash prizes and a detailed checklist with celebration ideas for St. Valentine’s Day, including suggestions for both couples and singles.

As for a memorable Valentine’s day, RocketPlay came up with several simple but sweet romantic solutions, such as a pre-ordered breakfast from a favorite café delivered to the significant other’s bed and a bouquet. Another suggestion was to spend the day with an activity that creates positive emotions together, such as a short trip, a masterclass, or a movie. Some small surprises, such as a box of favorite chocolates near the cinema, were also added. To top off the romantic day, RocketPlay suggested a heartwarming dinner at a restaurant or a cozy candlelight evening at home. One of the players, James, left a comment: “It’s so cool that RocketPlay is making for players some memorable activities! I enjoy the tournament and was excited to receive a creative and unpredictable gift. Besides, got a lot of ideas for the celebration next time”!

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