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Global sports business agency SPORTFIVE and Polygon, the leading L2 platform for Ethereum scaling and infrastructure development and one of the largest blockchain infrastructure providers in the world, today announced a new multi-year partnership. As part of the collaboration, SPORTFIVE becomes the strategic partner for Polygon in sports and entertainment projects. The strategic collaboration builds a powerhouse in the Web3 space focused on reducing complexity and making it easier for both rights holders and brands across the sports and entertainment ecosystem to leverage the opportunities that blockchain technology offers.

The partnership is part of the agency’s global growth strategy, which targets Web3 as one of its key growth areas. Through the collaboration, SPORTFIVE will partner closely with Polygon for Web3 initiatives in the sports and entertainment sector. In doing so, SPORTFIE works with IPs and brands for the management and execution of Web3 projects, including strategy, product, and community development activities in collaboration with various partners. Polygon will provide access to its global network and partnerships, technological and infrastructure expertise, and innovative insights from across the ecosystem to create more value for IPs and brands.

Both parties will collaborate on a global scale with the goal of acquiring premium rights-holder and brand mandates and working hand in hand with them to educate, design, build, operate and market comprehensive and engaging Web3 experiences.

Antoni Martin, Polygon Enterprise Lead, said: “SPORTFIVE’s presence in the Web3 space gives Polygon strategic connections to major sports brands and IP, enabling boundless opportunities for unique and powerful collaborations. We’re eager to accelerate the entry of sports brands and rights holders to the Web3 space with our blockchain solutions, and we look forward to working closely with SPORTFIVE going forward.”

“We are proud to have entered a cooperation with Polygon, representing one of the foremost leaders in Web3. Together with Polygon, we will connect relevant sports and entertainment organizations to expand the infrastructure of the industry in the Web3 space,” said Robert Müller von Vultejus, Chief Growth Officer at SPORTFIVE. “Being able to collaboratively shape the future of sports and entertainment within Web3 with the market leader that is driving innovation and adoption within the Ethereum universe creates a roadmap for future success.”

Stefan Felsing, CEO of SPORTFIVE, said: “We are very pleased to partner with Polygon to further support the commercial development of our Web3 projects. Polygon hosts some of the largest Web3 projects such as Aave, Uniswap, OpenSea, and well-known companies like Meta, Stripe, and Adobe. There is a lot of development and interest around Polygon, and we are honored to be able to help drive the business forward with our network and expertise in the sports and entertainment industry. Together with Polygon, we will find innovative solutions and ensure that the business continues to move upwards.”

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