SportsGrid Launches Free Direct-to-Consumer Sports Betting App

By | April 17, 2023


SportsGrid Inc. announced the release of the company’s first direct-to-consumer “Best in Class” app empowering sports bettors to improve their predictive performance through wagering news, statistics, and real time data including odds, statistics, line movements, game picks and player projections. The SportsGrid companion app’s extensive dataset is designed for bettors, sports enthusiasts, and fantasy sports users delivering insightful analytics into the inner workings of professional and collegiate sports wagering. The SportsGrid app is generally available to download both in the U.S. and Canada and can be found in the Apple App store.

The SportsGrid app is a one-of-a-kind experience that combines SportsGrid’s live and on demand video content with valuable data and actionable analytics relating to sports betting trends. The app is focused on keeping you up to date with host breakdowns while enabling users to improve their analytic approach to predict and forecast their wagers of the upcoming major tentpole events and regularly scheduled games. The app platform experience features an interface offering personalization and intuitive navigation for easy access to the app’s various content and data driven features.

Millions of SportsGrid streaming viewers can now utilize the app’s deep dataset to compare stats and betting trends among team and player daily matchups. In one compact view, for any game, users can see SportsGrid’s model picks and projections, analyze how each team has performed recently against the spread, and access any commentary their favorite hosts have had on that game. These features can then be leveraged to make informed decisions and effective wagers when it comes to deciding on placing a pre-game or in-game live bet.

“Our company objective with the app is to widen the SportsGrid ecosystem by providing curated sports betting insights and real time data and analysis in a way that complements the value our network is already bringing to our millions of viewers,” said Alex Levine, VP & Head of Product at SportsGrid. The app is a second screen option to stay engaged with SportsGrid content and insightful expert commentary to make an informed bet.”

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