By | September 19, 2023
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The sports entertainment website will continue as the Official Partner of LNPB for the 2023/2024 season

StarCasino.Sport is pleased to announce the renewal of its partnership with Lega B. Following the successful collaboration that began in the latter part of the previous season, the sports entertainment website will remain the Official Partner of LNPB for the newly commenced championship, thanks to the intermediation of Infront, the Marketing Advisor of Lega Serie B. This sponsorship reaffirms StarCasino.Sport’s commitment to all aspects of national football. In addition to its existing partnerships with major football clubs such as AS Roma and SSC Napoli, StarCasino.Sport is now embarking on a new phase in its history, marked by a more widespread presence throughout the national territory.

This partnership between StarCasino.Sport and Serie BKT will involve the customization of the VAR Room and dedicated TV graphics, the customization of on-field positions and all communications between referees and assistants, as well as brand visibility within all stadiums of the second division championship. This presents a significant opportunity to enhance the popularity of StarCasino.Sport throughout Italy, from the pitch to television, while promoting important values associated with the spirit of sportsmanship and integration.

“We accomplished significant work alongside LNPB during the previous season, and we are proud to continue down this path. The renewal of this collaboration represents a major step forward in our sponsorship strategy, through which we aim to increasingly align ourselves with both major and grassroots sports entities that fully embrace the values of sports. Football is not just Serie A; there are countless other clubs across Italy driven by a genuine passion for the game, and they deserve recognition and support. Therefore, our partnership with Lega B is a concrete step in this direction,” stated Stefano Tino, Managing Director of StarCasino.Sport.

“We are very pleased to have contributed to the renewal of the partnership between StarCasino.Sport and Serie BKT because our goal is to create long-term collaborations that bring value to sports institutions and our client brands. To create successful case histories, it is essential to understand the local territories, and Infront has been engaging with local sports entities for over twenty years, adapting language and initiatives according to local realities to maximize investments and brand recognition,” commented Alessandro Giacomini, Managing Director of Infront Italy.

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