Submarine Car Voted the Best Bond Gadget of All Time

By | October 20, 2021

WESTON TURVILLE, England, Oct. 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Lotus Esprit that seamlessly turned into a submarine in The Spy Who Loved Me has been voted the best James Bond gadget in the history of the franchise.

A survey of 2,000 Bond film fans conducted by online gaming site PartyCasino for the release of the 25th movie, No Time to Die, found that more than a third of people (34%) remember the Lotus, driven by Roger Moore in the 1977 film, most fondly among the mountains of fancy technology enjoyed by the secret agent.

Mostly the brainchild of Bond’s MI6 colleague Q, there have been a vast array of weird and wonderful contraptions since the first Bond film in 1962 – more than you can shake a wrist-mounted dart gun at, you might say.

Behind the Lotus, film fans voted for the car invisibility cloak featured in Die Another Day, with 29%. A quarter of respondents chose Bond’s Rolex – which featured a miniature circular saw and magnetic capability so strong, it could redirect bullets in Live and Let Die – and Sean Connery’s jetpack from the movie, Thunderball.

Here are some of the best Bond gadgets, in the order in which they were voted for:

  1. The Lotus Esprit submarine car – The Spy Who Loved Me – 34%
  2. Car invisibility cloak – Die Another Day – 29%
  3. Magnetic, bullet-stopping, miniature saw Rolex watch – Live and Let Die – 25%
  4. Jetpack – Thunderball – 25%
  5. X-ray sunglasses – The World is Not Enough – 21%
  6. Lock-picking, fingerprint-scanning, stun gun mobile phone – Tomorrow Never Dies – 19%
  7. Trick-weaponry briefcase – From Russia With Love – 18%
  8. Wrist-mounted dart gun – Moonraker – 17%
  9. Lethal-spike umbrella – For Your Eyes Only – 15%
  10. Signet ring camera – A View to a Kill – 13%

PartyCasino marketing manager, David Winter, says: “One of the things that most typifies why Brits still love Bond after all these years is the amazing gadgets and technology he gets to play with.

“While some were based more in fiction than reality some, like the jetpack for instance, may have been wild when the movies came out but people are now building technology like this for real. That makes it all the more exciting for us to see what crazy gadgetry Bond gets to handle in his next outing as the UK’s favourite secret agent.”

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