SuperGaming Opens New Studio for Indus — an Indo-Futuristic Battle Royale for PC, Mobile, and Consoles

By | April 13, 2022
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● The company expands its talent pool with the opening of a second studio in Pune

● The new studio will also host SuperGaming’s tech like motion capture which is being done in-house for Indus too

SuperGaming, India’s leading gaming company has opened a new studio in Pune, India. The studio will focus on the development of Indus — the company’s recently announced Indo-futuristic battle royale for PC, mobile, and consoles. This is the company’s second studio in Pune. The first is its headquarters that will continue to work on and refine its games in development. These include an upcoming web3 title as well as updates to hits such as MaskGun and Silly Royale.

“Indus is our most ambitious game to date,” says Roby John, SuperGaming co-founder and CEO. “And while we’ve been growing our skillset to match our vision for the game, we’ve also been hiring extensively for it, so much so that we were running out of space to host all teams comfortably. With that in mind we decided to move Indus development over to a brand new studio.”

The new space has been uniquely crafted to create an atmosphere for creativity to flourish. It is also filled with art and life-sized props from the game to align with the ambitious world being built. It will also host SuperGaming’s tech like motion capture which is being done in-house for the game as well.

“Back in the day, we built our first office space with the intention of making it the quietest place to write code,” says John. “With this studio we wanted to make sure our developers have a creative location to craft our biggest game ever.”

The developers working on Indus are a multidisciplinary team focussing on every aspect of the game. These include art, animation, game design, programming, net code, quality assurance, and more.

Indus is slated to be playable in 2022 and is the company’s biggest project to date. The game utilises the Indus Engine — SuperGaming’s fully custom-built sandbox shooter tech stack which is a necessity for scalability, networking, and bringing the game to mobile, with ease.

A specialist in the mobile games space, SuperGaming’s decision to target PC and console platforms is in line with the goal of making games in India for the world.

Indus follows SuperGaming’s recent hits, social game Silly Royale, which recently clocked 17 million players and multiplayer shooter MaskGun which has garnered over 60 million players.

For more on Indus, check out the developer blog that’s updated weekly as well as Discord, Twitter, and Instagram for the latest behind-the-scenes updates.

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