Symphony Solutions Expands Partnership with Optimove: Redefining iGaming Personalization with Artificial Intelligence

By | November 21, 2023


Symphony Solutions, a leading software development company, announced it has expanded its partnership with Optimove. Optimove is the leading CRM marketing solution for the iGaming industry. Symphony Solutions brings to the table its unparalleled expertise in online gambling software development. This collaboration marks a significant development in iGaming, advancing personalized user experiences driven by artificial intelligence (AI).

The Optimove/Symphony Solutions partnership began with Graphyte in 2018, a company acquired by Optimove in 2022. Graphyte is now Opti-X.

The expanded partnership includes Optimove’s advanced CRM marketing capabilities. Symphony Solutions is poised to deliver an even richer and more personalized gaming journey with the combination of Optimove with Opti-X’s AI-driven personalization. The Optimove/Symphony Solutions collaboration empowers online gambling operators with the tools they need to excel in customer loyalty and retention.

Optimove is renowned for its data-driven multi-channel marketing approach, focusing on starting all marketing with the customer. By leveraging customer data to orchestrate emotionally intelligent communications, Optimove has excelled in creating meaningful online interactions. The synergy between Optimove’s CRM marketing prowess, Opti-X’s AI capabilities and Symphony Solutions’ online gambling development proficiency promises to redefine how online gambling operators engage with their players. This partnership is expected to drive growth and ensure a roster of satisfied customers.

“With Optimove, Symphony Solutions elevates online gambling experiences to new heights, ensuring that players keep coming back for more,” Valentina Synenka, VP Chief Marketing Officer for Symphony Solutions, said. “With Optimove, we can ensure that operators deliver impeccable personalized experiences to their players.”

“Symphony Solutions has an incredible track record in delivering unmatched player satisfaction, building unwavering loyalty and achieving remarkable business growth in the online gambling sector,” the Vice-President of Channels for Optimove, Erk Holt, said. “We believe this expanded partnership will be a boon to gaming operators.”

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