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Custom Group presents an unexpected market overview: new technology trends with specific modular and scalable requirements, unprecedented integrated solutions, demand for a global presence with service centres and multi-sector expertise to support partners, distributors, customers and industry players.

The gaming industry is going through an unprecedented revolution. Custom presents the latest innovations and a thorough scenario overview focusing on ICE TOTALLY GAMING – booth S5-211. With more than two decades of experience, Custom is positioned as a leader in the evolution of the Lottery, Gaming and Betting industry. The Group forecasts a +180% increase in turnover for the two-year period 2024-25 based on market data and internal forecasts in the wake of online gaming, which has been growing rapidly for the past two years. In fact, the sports betting sector recorded a 30 percent increase in 2022, winnings amounting to 69 billion € online, once again highlighting the positive trend that will also include the Lottery world by virtue of the 20 new licensing tenders which will ensure further global growth. Custom comes across as strong to ICE with a global and diversified presence, offering the widest range of integrated solutions to multiple markets and enabling all types of stakeholders to choose from the Group’s different solutions and technologies based on unique and synergistic know-how. This -one stop shop- approach opens new horizons and expands opportunities by providing unique services throughout more than 76 different countries.



  • Expertise, Global Presence & Service. Custom, which operates in 76 countries, provides innovative and sustainable technology solutions for different but now increasingly synergistic fields such as Lottery&Betting and Retail. Custom’s global presence ensures total and comprehensive value chain management, guaranteed throughout all stages: design, customisation, pre/after sales and services. 5 Production plants and more than 680 employees including 280 engineers.
  • Phigital: Self-Service evolution and convergence of online and physical. The U.S. market for self-service systems is estimated at $4.5 billion by 2026. Custom provides advanced self-service solutions capable of ensuring high security standards, including smart lockers as well as anti-corruption and anti-fraud technologies. In fact, Custom has a track record of more than 3 decades in providing kiosk technology solutions in several different markets.
  • POS Refresh – Point of Sale (POS) modernisation: attended & unattended solutions. Custom presents advanced POS solutions to optimise the point of sale. POS Refresh” has been an IT investment priority in 2023 for 50 percent of retailers. Digital Environment: Audio-video and multimedia solutions to make environments interactive and engaging. Custom offers multi-sensory experiences with solutions such as content management players, interactive tables and custom touch monitors.

Custom is a player that can best serve all kinds of stakeholders and different markets. Custom Group now has more than 300,000 installations in Gaming, Lottery and Betting in 76 countries, registering a convergence of the Lottery & Betting sector with the retail sector in the last two years.



Attended & Unattended solutions which focus on traditional and hybrid cashpoints. DAYTONA and ARAGON POS terminals, Custom’s reliable Retail Lottery printers, and ultra-fast devices for scanning different ticket sizes. This portfolio ensures a fast and error-free service. Custom’s self-service solutions are the most technologically advanced devices to date, made for customers who want to play autonomously.

Trend for Self-Service and “customised and integrated” experiences thanks to the Group Solutions. For more than 3 decades, Custom has worked behind the scenes providing printing and scanning technologies that power kiosks in aviation, parking, lotteries, gaming, and retail. Custom’s solutions aim to engage players where and how they want, offering personalized gaming experiences. For 2024, Custom has expanded its product range with modular kiosk components, all-in-one solutions, and smart lockers that enable retailers to quickly deploy self-service terminals throughout the store. CONNECT is designed to meet the needs of different applications – unattended or attended – in the countertop or floor standing version, in a compact and stylish design. ARAGON is the POS Terminal for the future with a range of processors for any task: from entry level Intel® Celeron®, up to Core i3, and high performing Core i5. This device boasts a modern and slim design with futureproof full HD touch display and a full glass front.

SILK II is a POS Terminal with standard Android 11 and Google Play Store. A full set of USB interfaces will allow you to connect all your accessories. Bluetooth® and Wi-Fi® are also integrated. GLASS27 is Custom’s newest Advanced Solution. Thanks to the revolutionary FHD full glass technology with built-in monitor and receipt printer, GLASS27 combines style and function, supports both Windows and Android operating systems, and is capable of integrating the market’s most frequently used PinPads. This solution is available in desktop, pedestal and wall mount, thus becoming the perfect match for the needs of multiple markets and businesses.

Point of Sale (POS) Modernisation and Mobile Solutions. The POS remains at the heart of every retail store, and Custom is ready to help retailers in the process of upgrading POS hardware and software. ARAGON POS terminal is the perfect solution for enhancing point-of-sale transactions, adding style to any counter with power and reliability for Windows and Linux. Mobile is having a major impact on in-store sales. According to a study by the IHL Group, companies whose staff used mobile sales tools experienced a 77% growth in sales. Mobile POS continues to play a major role in today’s shopping experience, not only for the customer, but also for the store clerk. Custom’s Ranger family of mobile devices, tablets and mobile printers enables retailers to engage customers throughout the entire in-store shopping process: at the sidewalk, in the hallway, in the shop floor, or next to the car. T-RANGER is a 10.1-inch multifunctional tablet for store and warehouse use. Extremely robust and powered by a 10,000 mAh battery, T-RANGER is designed to withstand the impact of your activity all day, every day.

Transparency and Trust: Veriprint® technology enables transparency and traceability of all lottery transactions. Each ticket can be scanned and stored, ensuring that lottery results are tamper-proof. This transparency builds user-trust and eliminates doubts of fraud or manipulation.


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