The secrets behind creating a virtual game: Minimum Deposit Casinos carries out an exclusive interview with Mascot Gaming to find out all the details

By | December 14, 2023

WATERFORD, Ireland, Dec. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Renowned global resource portal, Minimum Deposit Casinos (MDC) has piloted the first in a series of exclusive journalistic interviews in an effort to indulge and nourish the cravings of some 3 billion iGamers worldwide. According to research by leading statistics and data provider Insider Intelligence, digital gamers make up a third of the world’s population, surpassing 3 billion people in 2023.

The series is in line with MDC’s core focus of gaining valuable insights from captains of the iGaming industry and relaying this knowledge and information to enthusiastic and eager players worldwide. The first in-depth interview was carried out with top software developer, Mascot Gaming, to find out all the creative secrets of what goes into making a digital game. The project was led by MDC’s Head of iGaming Information Miranda Raaff.

The interview shed light on not just any ordinary game development, but online casino games, in particular. It provided a rare and detailed look into the art and science of creating engaging casino games, and often unseen aspects of game development.

Marking this new chapter in original, insightful journalism, MDC’s interview with Mascot Gaming heralded its commitment to uncovering the layers behind new and fresh innovations in the industry.

“Our series with top-notch developers like Mascot Gaming is more than just storytelling. It’s about providing valuable and meaningful insights to players with authentic, thought-provoking narratives,” said Ms Raaff, who spent more than a decade as a senior journalist and editor for established media houses including Independent Newspapers, Huffington Post, and the South African Press Association.

“In the iGaming industry, we often see too much sales content, and not enough useful pieces. This needs to change because we don’t just want gamers to read. We want them to absorb the information and make use of it. We are pioneering something different, with a fresh approach to delivering useful, engaging and quality insights from a journalist’s perspective.”

Mascot Gaming’s Ethos: Crafting Unforgettable Experiences

In the interview, Margarita Malysheva, Head of Marketing at Mascot Gaming, delved into how they craft unforgettable gaming experiences.

“So, if the current rage is about Fruit and a Bonus Buy, we don’t simply jump on the bandwagon. Instead, we reinvent it with the Mascot Gaming touch. It becomes not just another fruit game, but a narrative that carries our signature feature, like ‘Risk and Buy.’ Every game we design has a personal touch, something that truly resonates with our team,” said Malysheva.

“Our philosophy is to prioritize quality; we consciously avoid inundating players with too many games. Our aim is for each game to be memorable — rich in features, visual artistry, sound, and narrative. Crafting such immersive experiences simply can’t be rushed.”

A significant focus of the interview was Mascot Gaming’s dedication to player feedback, aligning game development with player trends and preferences. Malysheva said it actively monitors player responses, reviews, and gameplay data to identify trends and preferences. This information is used for games, to meet player preferences and expectations.

Looking to the future, Mascot Gaming teased about upcoming projects, which would include collaborations and AI advancements.

“The decision on which games to bring to life hinges on a blend of what’s hot in the gaming world and what resonates with us on a personal level,” she said.

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