The Spanish Celebrities family continues to grow with the addition of Cañita Brava to the MGA Games catalogue

By | March 27, 2023
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Who wouldn’t go fishing with Cañita Brava? This new instalment from MGA Games offers a great catch of prizes and surprises. The famous comic and musical artist from La Coruña comes with all his humor to this premium 3-reel production, the new online game designed to succeed.

With the incorporation of Manuel González Savín, known by his stage name Cañita Brava, MGA Games expands its “Spanish Celebrities” catalogue, which now encompasses 19 games. This time the main character, our famous comedian whose musical performance in this hilarious game, entertains us by singing in his own funny language, “Wani pei, wani pa, wani pooooh”.

Cañita Brava is a 3-reel slot game equipped with the latest technology to offer a fun afternoon of fishing next to the pier and a good boat ride in search of the most exotic fish in the sea. This game is full of whales, fishing rods and rudder symbols, as well as music reminiscent of the famous Moby Dick theme, and of course, with a lot more humor.

Our fisherman, who sings, and tells jokes, rose to fame at the beginning of the 90s with songs like La pichina, El fugitivo, O caldo de María, Espikinllú, Canción en chino and Ya vienen los pastores. The game set in his unique world is full of fun and prizes and can be played on any mobile device, the players’ favourite gaming platform.

The slot game features original voiceovers by the great Cañita Brava himself, who, with his usual grace, makes us laugh just by listening to him. With phrases like «Esto es de lo que más me gusta» (this is what I like the most) and «es alegre la ballena» (the whale is happy), the comedian reminds players of the funny lines he is well-known for in the four Torrente films, box office hits by the famous director Santiago Segura.

The main game in «Cañita Brava» offers an afternoon of fishing with the hilarious singer. With enough bonuses and credits, players can access the upper game, a boat trip to accumulate whales, fish, and rudder symbols. The 3-reel slot game also includes 7 mini-games where players get to live great adventures navigating on boats, turning the wheel, preparing grilled fish next to a bonfire, or fishing for prizes. It is also possible to win a prize, at random, with the mixed sevens symbols, get an extra winning spin by accumulating dishes from the menu, or an additional spin playing in the lower game.

«Cañita Brava» is a 3-reel, 9-line game in Spanish and English, with advances, holds, wilds, and vertical lines. This premium low-volatility slot game from MGA Games is programmed with HTML5 technology and a responsive design that makes it compatible with all digital formats.

The slot game is available to online casino operators in Spain from March 27th, 2023.

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