the*gamehers Harness ‘Pink Pixels’ Weekly Livestream to Empower Women in Gaming

By | March 16, 2024


With a mission to transform the female gaming landscape, the*gamehers has launched the “Pink Picks” campaign, an initiative set to support and highlight women in the*gamehers community. This initiative aims to shine a light on the achievements of women in gaming, creating a supportive and inclusive space. 

Central to this campaign is the Pink Picks “gameher of the Week”, featured in the*gamehers “Pink Pixels” weekly livestream. This initiative invites the gaming community to nominate exceptional female gamers for recognition. Winners will not only have their accomplishments highlighted during the broadcast, but will also receive a swag bag from Thunderpick, filled with travel necessities, high-end tech items, and gaming accessories, as a gesture of gratitude for their impact on the*gamehers community. By celebrating these individual successes, the campaign also seeks to foster a sense of solidarity and support among community members.  

“We’re excited to continue our mission to elevate women in gaming through education, opportunities, and entrepreneurship through the Pink Pixels platform,” says Allie Young, President of the*gamehers. 

 “Pink Picks” represents part of the broader collaboration between the*gamehers and Thunderpick, which encompasses various efforts to promote the female gaming arena. Notably, this includes the Thunderpick FemaLED Tournament, a competitive event tailored for female-led teams in Counter-Strike (CS2). This tournament not only showcases the talent and competitive nature of female gamers, but also offers them a chance to progress to significant tournaments, with the winners moving on to compete in the Thunderpick World Championship 2024 North American Qualifiers. Complemented by a $5,000 prize pool courtesy of Thunderpick, the tournament will gain exposure across multiple streaming platforms and be celebrated with a watch party at the Momocon convention in Atlanta, GA, on May 27.  

 This collaborative effort signifies a crucial step towards fostering inclusivity, diversity, and equal opportunities in gaming, providing female gamers with unparalleled opportunities to demonstrate their abilities and engage in competition at an international level. 



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