Top Earning Twitch Slot Streamers Earn Over 40x Average American Incomes

By | November 11, 2021
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Time2play set out to learn who the top-earning Twitch slot streamers of 2021 are and found that high school teachers must work 40 years to match the top slot streamer’s annual income. At $62,285 average annual earnings, a high school teacher in the US makes just 1/40th of what 2021’s top-earning streamer ROSHTEIN makes in a year.

Using information gathered from the October 2021 Twitch data breach, publicly available viewing figures, and its own data as an affiliate marketer, Time2play has determined which slot streamers top the leaderboard when it comes to their earnings from advertising, subscriptions, and partnership deals.

The report also reveals how the income of top slot streamers compares to that of average Americans as well as how they measure up against the federal minimum wage of $7.25 per hour.

Monthly sponsorship earnings top $48,000 for top two slot streamers: ROSHTEIN and Trainwreckstv each pocket over $48,000 per month from sponsorships alone.

Streamer Adin Ross accidentally reveals multi-million dollar deal: The popular streamer accidentally revealed a conversation in which crypto casino Duelbits offered him $2 million per month for an exclusivity deal.

Top hourly earner brings home 167 times the minimum wage: Pocketing $1,213.01 per hour of streaming, Trainwreckstv earns 167.31 times the federal minimum hourly wage.

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