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By | March 14, 2022


  • Likely to pass, but will probably require a ballot initiative in November.
  • This is because of Democrats wanting money to go to a source other than HOPE scholarships – constitutionally all lottery proceeds go there so this is the only way to divert some of those funds
  • A ballot initiative could also open the door for brick and mortar casinos. Years of multi-million dollar campaign contributions could finally pay off for big casino.
  • Sports betting unlikely to happen. Too much rancor over the tribes, and the Gov is quietly opposed to any sports betting.
  • On track to pass. As long as it doesn’t get bogged down by VLT supporters in the Senate, this could pass in April or early May
  • New bill in the House last week, with a hearing likely this week.
  • If casinos and tracks can reach an agreement, this should pass easily. If no agreement, maybe a 50/50 shot. This is most likely to be decided in conference committees in May.
  • Just getting started, too soon to tell. Prediction is that they’ll talk about it a lot but wimp out in an election year.
North Carolina
  • Working on an agreement with Democrats to raise the taxes and fees. The challenge will be if we can maneuver this procedurally (without changing the current bill), and hope that the anti-gambling crowd doesn’t go all out to stop it. We are waiting until after primaries for that reason, so likely end of May/1st of June before anything moves.
  • 75% chance of passage.
New York
  • Encouraging to have an iGaming bill, but its just the start of what should be a 2-3 year process. No chance they pass this without also addressing the downstate casino expansion.
South Dakota
  • Came close to passing a bill to put the question on the ballot re expanding to mobile, passed the Senate but died in House. Governor is rabidly anti-gambling, her admin used some of the most questionable rhetoric to date in opposition to this.
  • So far so good. 75% chance passing.
  • Unfortunately, still dead on arrival. Churchill is still far from supporting sports betting, especially since they just scrapped their trash mobile app.
South Carolina
  • Will introduce a bill this year but it won’t go far. Conversation starter, but they should follow in NC’s footsteps.

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