VKGS and Parlay Games Receive GLI Certification for Bingo Treasures

By | June 8, 2022


Video King Gaming Systems LLC (VKGS) and Parlay Games Inc announced the certification by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) of their national, tribally linked, flagship Class II bingo product: Bingo Treasures.

With the completion of GLI’S certification and filing of a patent application with the USPTO, Video King has commenced licensing this suite of Class II linked iGaming products to Tribal customers throughout the US. The partners previously announced their collaboration to create a new, tribally linked Class II bingo game with multi-million dollar weekly prize jackpots. Both companies have now combined their efforts and synergistic intellectual property assets into a new joint venture.

“With the GLI approval in hand, we will now be working quickly to finalize license agreements and installation dates with Tribes who will be first movers with us and who will launch Bingo Treasures at any facility (not just gaming facilities) on their Tribal lands. The combination of the game’s Class II Bingo software certification and patent-pending methodologies enable us to create a multi-billion dollar, national game, which will only be offered by US Sovereign Nation Indian Tribes, for play from their tribal lands,” Rusty Morin, CFO of Video King, said.

“By linking Tribes together throughout the US, as Tribal partnerships accelerate, the Weekly Millions game jackpots, which will start at $2M, can potentially top $100M based on the game odds. In addition, Bingo Treasures innovative two-part style of play gives players multiple chances to win with each purchase. Players are not only playing for free bingo cards and attractive cash prizes in the PlayNow portion of the Game, but also are playing for potential life-changing jackpots, cars and other substantial prizes, which will be guaranteed every week. We anticipate that player and Tribal participation are sure to grow as players become aware of Bingo Treasures and additional Tribes understand the Game’s ability to bring in players more frequently, create add-on purchases, as well as attracting new players,” Rusty Morin added.

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