Vladimir Malakchi Launches Ideological Investment Fund Xanada Investments

By | June 4, 2024
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Xanada Investments has launched as a new investment fund, standing out with its mystical branding story, inspiring core, and promising business impact.

Founded by seasoned industry expert Vladimir Malakchi, former CCO of Evoplay, Xanada Investments aims to transform the approach to business scaling in the iGaming industry, with the philosophy that true investment extends beyond mere financial support.

“Our goal was to build not just an efficient investment fund, but a whole ecosystem of businesses, allowing each of its members to move towards their excellence together.

Beyond typical investment resources, we offer a community that shares our business values, goals, and philosophy. Joining us means receiving not only funding, but a place for implementation and a community of like-minded people,” – Vladimir Malakchi, CEO & Managing Partner of Xanada Investments, comments.

Currently, the fund is actively seeking to expand its portfolio and invites entrepreneurs and startups in the iGaming space to explore potential collaboration opportunities.

For cooperation info, please contact: [email protected].

For media inquiries – [email protected].


About Xanada Investments

Xanada Investments is an ideological investment fund led by industry visionaries, targeting PreSeed, Seed, and Series A funding of promising projects and their leaders who resonate with their ethos.

The fund’s goal is to build an excellent xanadu-like business ecosystem, which will ideologically and strategically bond leaders into one community for the global idea of mutual prosperity.



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