WA.Technology Partners with Sportal365

By | February 2, 2024
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WA.Technology proudly announces its strategic alliance with Sportal365, a distinguished provider of sports-specific Content Management Systems (CMS).

This partnership marks WA.Technology’s commitment to combining advanced technology and superior content within its state-of-the-art WA.Platform, its range of first-class products – including WA.Sports, fully scalable solutions, and expert-managed services.

This collaboration aims to elevate the user experience by integrating Sportal365’s specialised CMS capabilities to enhance operational efficiency and client content delivery, reinforcing WA.Technology’s dedication to excellence.

The partnership with Sportal365 represents an exciting enhancement for WA.Technology, enabling it to offer Sportal365’s advanced CMS to its esteemed clients’ sportsbook brands. This integration enriches WA.Technology’s product portfolio and fortifies its position as a leader in the online sports betting landscape. Thanks to Sportal365’s CMS, WA.Technology’s clients will gain access to a comprehensive solution that merges leading-edge sports content management, live sports data, and a myriad of betting conversion tools, thereby substantially enriching the player experience.

Stilian Shishkov, CEO of Sportal365, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “This marks a massive growth milestone for our CMS. It is today’s perfect and most meaningful solution for any digital sports media and betting company. Developed by professionals with 18 years of experience within the sports digital media, our CMS is poised to revolutionise the industry.”

Echoing the excitement, Paolo Bazzocchi, Chief Information Officer at WA.Technology said, We are delighted to add the Sportal365 CMS to our product portfolio. The Sportal content will enrich our platform with live information, videos and statistics, taking the customer experience to unparalleled levels of entertainment.

Tim Scoffham, CEO of WA.Technology said, “Our collaboration with Sportal365 is a game-changer. It underscores WA.Technology’s commitment to leading innovation in the sports betting and iGaming industry. This strategic partnership empowers us to elevate our WA.Sports product offering, ensuring our clients and their customers experience cutting-edge technology for seamless access to the latest and greatest sports content.”

Why Sportal365 CMS?

  • Comprehensive Sports Content Management System: An all-inclusive solution for managing sports content effectively.
  • Seamless Integration with Betting Platforms: Ensuring a smooth and efficient integration process.
  • Proven Expertise: Backed by 18 years of digital media experience, offering reliable and innovative solutions.
  • Tailored for Sports Media and Betting Companies: Designed to meet the industry’s specific iGaming sportsbook needs.

The Future of Sportsbook

This collaboration between Sportal365 and WA.Technology marks a fruitful future and a commitment to innovating and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in online sports betting. Stay tuned for more updates as WA.Technology and Sportal365 embark on this exhilarating journey, redefining the iGaming landscape and creating unmatched value for their clients.

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