Waikiki Goddess, the tropical volcano from MGA Games

By | October 10, 2023
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The leader in gaming industry innovation MGA Games, reveals its latest instalment: La Waikiki Goddess. A game that immerses players in the breath-taking beauty of a paradise island, where the goddess of the waves leads them to amazing prizes.

Turtles, sharks, and tropical parrots are among the themed symbols found on the island of beautiful white sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters in Waikiki Goddess. Among the lush vegetation, players spin the 5 reels for fabulous prizes.

The exceptionally themed Waikiki Goddess stands out from other slot games for its originality. MGA Games invites players to explore the wonders of the paradise island, where the waves dance to the gentle tropical breeze. The vibrant design and captivating colours capture the essence of paradise and ensure a visually stunning experience.

With Waikiki Goddess, MGA Games takes volatility to the highest level, enhancing the sense of adventure with its high-volatility mathematics, ensuring excitement and anticipation with every spin. The spinning five reels promise hidden treasures and surprises, while the expansive, multiple Wild immerses players in a sea of winning possibilities.

The goddess of the waves offers adventurers the chance to win a prize of up to €37,750.00.

Whatsmore, by obtaining three or more bonus symbols, players can access an additional mini-game, making the game even more exciting. There, they face Tiki, the evil side of the goddess of the waves. Wrapped in fire, Tiki hides powerful prizes beneath the lava of fearsome volcanoes locked in the island’s magical totems.

Waikiki Goddess is the latest premium slot game from MGA Games with a triple-view and responsive design that makes it compatible with all digital formats.

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