Weebet makes Aviatrix available to operators throughout Brazil

By | October 10, 2023

Weebet, a software development company for operators, announces the launch of the latest addition to its catalog, the exciting game Aviatrix.

Designed to extend players’ time on the betting operators platform, Aviatrix promises to offer a unique and exciting gaming experience for bettors of all preferences.

The crash game is another great addition to Weebet’s portfolio, further reinforcing its commitment to providing the latest betting industry trends to Brazilian operators.

It is now available to over 300 Weebet operators.

Weebet’s CTO, Thiago Faustino, shared his perspective on the launch: “Weebet is always looking to bring international trends to the Brazilian market and this time we did no different. We believe that Aviatrix will stand out as a favorite option among players and therefore will be an essential option for operators.”

Gabriela Novello, Aviatrix’s Head of Business Development for Latam, added: “Aviatrix continues to go from strength to strength and this partnership with Weebet will help bring our award-winning game with unique NFT-based engagement mechanics to even more players. We’re thrilled about the expansion in the Brazilian market and having such a strong and reliable partner as Weebet in the region.”

What sets the Aviatrix apart:

1. Immersive Aerial Adventure: Aviatrix immerses players in an exciting aerial journey where they can enjoy the thrill of betting with customization options.

2. High Quality Graphics: With stunning graphics and fluid animations, Aviatrix offers a visually stunning experience that captures players’ attention and keeps them on the betting platform longer.

3. Intuitive and Accessible: The game was designed with usability in mind, making it easy to understand for both new and experienced players, which can ease the loyalty process.

4. Attractive Rewards: Aviatrix offers exciting rewards including bonuses, free spins and cash prizes, increasing the excitement and chance of winning for players.

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