Why cutting through in the UK is still very possible

By | May 7, 2024
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Graeme Savill, Account Management Team Lead at Gaming Corps, argues how despite the UK being a highly-competitive market, there are still plenty of reasons why it can provide meaningful opportunities for new entrants

Generating a gross gambling yield of just over £4bn during the 2022-23 financial year, the UK is undoubtedly one of the most established and successful online casino markets in the world. With 2,343 active operators holding a UK licences, it is evident that the market is vast. For online casino suppliers, even a small slice of that market could prove to be extremely lucrative. That was the thinking behind our decision to launch in the UK this year.

It is, of course, undeniable that cutting through the noise in the UK market is a very challenging task. The sports betting markets that we have seen open up in the US ihave provided the perfect example of how difficult it can be to upset the status quo. But the key thing to remember is that with challenges comes opportunities; we believe that finding a place in the UK is far from impossible.

We’re not entering the UK entirely as a newbie. The partnerships we have with the likes of Flutter Entertainment, Entain, Kindred and LeoVegas – which we are aiming to bring over from other markets where we are active – will likely bring us speedy access. If we were coming into the UK without those existing relationships, it could be a very different challenge, but having that grounding on which to stand is very important.

Localised content is key

It is critical to remain dynamic and agile in any market that you enter, making sure you adapt to fast-evolving industry trends, regulation and player expectations. There are many legacy brands that continue to dominate the UK market with decades of experience. They have shown how vital it is to build products and player experiences which are localised for the UK market – what works for Swedish players may not work too well for UK players, for example. In fact, UK player interests and habits tend to be quite specific.

As a Brit myself, I may not fit into the typical UK player profile. But it’s fair to say that we’re a fairly unique segment in the global casino player base. We know what we like, and more importantly, what we don’t. The balance of offering proven themes as well as popular mechanics, achievable win caps, frequent features and medium-level volatilities has brought us strong early results and we’re very happy to see players coming back to these games.

The ability to innovate is integral to growth in the UK. As we go live with more and more operators, we will continue to push new verticals like our Smash4Cash™ line of games. We believe this can be a game changer in the long-term, as Gaming Corps looks to reach new and existing players.

In the UK market, there are also opportunities for casino games suppliers to cross-sell their products to sportsbooks, particularly around some of the standout events this year such as the men’s European Championship in football and the Summer Olympic Games.

Regulation leads to adaptation

Admittedly, this is a unique time to be going into the UK, particularly in light of the impending measures of the White Paper, which we all unequivocally have to be aware of. Adapting to, and complying with, increased regulation is part and parcel of competing successfully in all regulated markets. With regards to the UK, a continued increase of regulation does put pressure on operators and suppliers alike, but we believe that the iGaming industry is resilient enough to manage these pressures effectively.

We operate with the understanding that it’s imperative to always adapt and be prepared for new regulations; this is how we can ensure that we have not only a competitive advantage, but also a sustainable business. That ability to adapt will be key to sustaining growth in the UK, regardless of whatever challenge is thrown to operators and suppliers.

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