WINAMAX joins the DSWV

By | January 11, 2024
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The French company Winamax has been a member of the German Sports Betting Association (DSWV) since January 1, 2024. The Paris-based company is considered the leading provider of online poker and sports betting in France and has also held a German sports betting license since 2021

In view of the new member, DSWV President Mathias Dahms: “WINAMAX not only brings impressive expertise, but also a breath of fresh air from the French market. Together, we want to promote responsible gaming and raise standards in the sports betting industry.”

The key issue in the coming years will undoubtedly be the fight against illegal betting offers. In this context, the formation of a robust alliance of legal sports betting providers is crucial. In this context, Winamax has already appealed to politicians on several occasions to take more decisive action against the gray and black market.

As part of the accession, Winamax managing directors Alexandre Roos and Christophe Schaming explain: “Together, we want to combine our efforts to work with politicians and the public to achieve effective measures to protect players and combat the black market.”

The DSWV will consistently drive forward the containment of illegal betting offers and work to improve the conditions for legal offers.

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