WinSpirit Casino announces a partnership with Mancala Gaming

By | May 4, 2023
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WinSpirit Casino and Mancala Gaming have announced cooperation, bringing a wealth of new and exciting gaming options to online casino players — Mancala slots are available from May 2023.

Mancala Gaming has a diverse portfolio of over 30 games. Some of them are targeting Generation Y representatives. For example, The Last Quack, Seance: Twin Wins, and Portal Master. These slots are based on concepts related to Millennials’ worldviews. For instance, inspired by the classic arcade games from our childhood, Mancala’s latest game The Last Quack will immerse players in the pixelated retro look and nostalgic fun. The hook here is the childhood elements of the classic games. Every Millennial will resonate with something. And nostalgia is one of the strongest feelings.

To drum up the players’ enthusiasm, WinSpirit launched a Quest — players can get Free Spins for completing a simple task in the provider’s slots.

WinSpirit noted that Mancala Gaming is one of the fascinating game providers in the industry by its games development approach. According to WinSpirit Casino’s spokesperson, the provider’s innovative approach to game development and focus on younger generations will bring a new dimension to its offering, ensuring its players stay engaged and entertained.

In the development of games, they take into account the peculiarities of the perception of this generation, their psychology, and their desire for self-affirmation.

Mancala Gaming’s CEO, Nikita Gorskov, stated, “We are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with WinSpirit Casino. We have a steady stream of new game releases, including some truly innovative titles that are sure to make a lasting impact. We couldn’t be happier to be working alongside such a dynamic team and look forward to growing our businesses together.”

WinSpirit entered into an agreement as Mancala Gaming has a wide portfolio of slot games, all with high-quality graphics, intuitive interfaces, and engaging gameplay. With this cooperation, WinSpirit Casino will broaden the range of slots to different kinds of players.

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