Wondr Gaming Launches Sports.WondrNFT.com

By | November 17, 2021


Wondr Gaming Corp, an entertainment company uniting brands and the global gaming community through its loyalty, NFT, and growing media network, has launched its first NFT auction on sports.WondrNFT.com, showcasing Olympic decathlon gold medalist, and closing ceremonies flag bearer, Damian Warner.

The NFT captures the process and final pencil sketch that shows Damian Warner’s Olympic Gold medal performance, captured by renowned pencil artist from London, Ontario, artist Dan Pietens.

Damian Warner and Dan Pietens were classmates at Montcalm Highschool. “It is an unbelievable coincidence that the ‘Greatest Athlete’ and arguably one of the greatest pencil sketch artists in the world, attended the same high school, at the same time, in London, Ontario,” Jeff Fischer, President of Fischer & Associates, said.

“This drawing of me, which has combined my image from the podium and the end of the race, looks like a photograph. You need to see the time lapse to believe he actually drew it,” Damian Warner said.

The drawing took Pietens over 35 hours to complete. “The medal alone was an 8-hour session, but I wanted to get it right,” said Mr Pietens. In the foreground, Pietens has captured what has been dubbed the “last man standing”, at the end of the final event of the decathlon.

“Although my focus has primarily been NHL players,” Pietens continued, “it is fitting that the launch of the limited edition, signed series is with my friend, classmate, and teammate from high school…who just happens to be the Greatest Athlete!”

A portion of the sale will go to support the next generation of Damian Warners through KidSport Canada.

Wondr has partnered with a leading Canadian crypto custodian in order to mint NFTs on its own white-labeled NFT platform, as well as payment API solutions provider Wyre to exchange crypto to fiat to ensure Wondr does not hold crypto on its balance sheet. Wondr has built a seamless process that allows music, sports, and gaming fans to purchase NFTs of their favorite musicians, athletes, and gamers.

“The success of an NFT drop relies heavily on the story behind the NFT itself, and the go-to-market strategy and network behind the drop. Through our affiliated media network, Wondr reaches almost 1 billion views per month, across 20+ owned and operated channels. We harness this network to showcase our NFT drops, and to expose them to a massive market primarily located in North America. The incredible story of Pietens and Warner growing up together, and the narrative behind how this NFT came to be, is a major catalyst for market demand and subsequent NFT trading of the asset. This is the first of many unique, story-enriched NFTs that Wondr will curate, mint, and sell,” Jon Dwyer, Chairman & CEO of Wondr Gaming, said.

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