Wyzia Financial Launches FastPlay in Ontario

By | November 15, 2022


FastPlay has been launched by Wyzia Financial in the regulated Ontarian market.

The company noted that it will supply the Canadian province with a “fast registration and quick deposit solution,” the “first of its kind” in the country.

The group added that FastPlay will help operators secure end users by not asking them to provide sensitive information.

“FastPlay is a brand launched on the market promising to revolutionise the way Canadian consumers play, making it easy and accessible whilst fully adhering to regulatory standards of such an industry,” a statement from Wyzia read.

“The roll-out of this solution is part of a wider exercise to ensure that the solution brings a faster gaming experience, wider coverage in terms of operators, and the latest innovative technology for Canadian consumers.

“The new milestone is part of value investment in new infrastructure which Wyzia’s team has worked tirelessly on.”

CEO Guy Fietz commented: “Today, as we celebrate the first end-user of FastPlay in Canada, we are once again delivering on our brand promise of great value to our partners.

“Whilst launching this solution, we are committed to continue innovating in a market environment which dictates not only innovation, but quality standards, sensitivity to player requirements and more importantly responsibility in one’s operations.”

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