YAHAHA Studios steals the show at GDC with AI Generated-Content Co-Pilot

By | March 30, 2023
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Game Developer Conference (GDC) 2023 saw YAHAHA taking over the convention from March 20th – 24th, drawing more than 2,700 participants to its in-booth speeches, over 5,000 people to its networking party, and supporting the creation of nearly 800 games during GDC. All games were created by attendees during YAHAHA’s live events and supported by YAHAHA’s code-free data-oriented design (DoD) engine. The company also revealed its upcoming features plan, including an AI generated-content (AIGC) Co-pilot feature, multiplayer mobile creation, one-click art style changes, VR adaptation, and more.

YAHAHA demonstrated its pioneering Text2Game AIGC Co-Pilot tool – YAI – in an exclusive demo at GDC 2023. With this application, game developers will be able to streamline the creation process even further, generating locales, environments and worlds with just a few text prompts. Utilising YAHAHA’s ever-growing asset library, its cutting-edge inbuilt virtual assistant builds environments seamlessly and with speed. The platform’s DoD engine’s capabilities include the ability to save the entire game state, as well as a novel design approach tailored to less-experienced developers, enabling creators to develop game concepts which may have previously been too complex. With the introduction of AIGC, an intended key feature of YAHAHA which will launch soon, YAHAHA aims to lower the barrier to entry even further for developers, as well as reduce the overall cost of game creation.

Also revealed was the mobile co-creation feature, supported by the DoD engine, which will make YAHAHA the world’s first platform to support multiplayer game creation on mobile devices.

The upcoming one-click art style switcher will enable creators to bring their changing visions to life in an instant. Whether it be a Chinese ink painting, soft, dreamy watercolours, or an impactful cartoon style: with just a single click, YAHAHA users can experiment with different visual styles in their creations.

YAHAHA also announced its VR device adaptation milestone, which will adapt any game created on YAHAHA for VR devices – at no extra cost to developers. Not only will this allow developers to reach an even wider audience, but all of these features will work in tandem with YAHAHA’s new industry solutions, incorporating educational and metaverse initiatives, to form a seamless B2B, B2C, and commercial experience for all.

YAHAHA Studios also ran a series of in-booth and featured talks, attended by more than 2,700 people, where they discussed current applications of the platform and upcoming product releases to continue to widen access in game development. YAHAHA’s core ethos is to make game development easier and more intuitive for creators. This has led to its provision of an education program based on its own code-free gene development, incorporating courses which can be both embedded into campus curriculum systems and taken by individuals.

Adam Ardisasmita, Vice President of AGI, said, “[The] low code game development engine by Yahaha is effortless to use and powerful. It will be a very useful tool to bridge more players into game developers. Especially in Indonesia, YAHAHA can be a platform to create more talent in the game industry, which is why we’re excited to have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with YAHAHA to collaborate further with their community, creator programs, and educational outreach.”

Pengfei Zhang, COO at Yahaha Studios, said, “It’s been a pleasure to see so many people learning about and creating with YAHAHA at this year’s GDC. There’s been a real buzz around YAHAHA, and knowing that nearly 800 games were created at our booth is amazing. With the reveal of our new Text2Game generative AI tool, and following the release of Asset Ovi earlier this year, 2023 is set to be a year of launching even more powerful new features to enable game developers to realise their creative visions in YAHAHA.

The announcement of our B2B Metaverse solution is also an exciting opportunity to bring the Metaverse to more and more businesses and help them reach customers in new and ever-engaging ways. We remain committed to empowering creators with world-first tools, and aim to make YAHAHA the single best game development platform for developers of all backgrounds.”

YAHAHA, a community-focussed user-generated content (UGC) platform, continues to open up no-code and low-code creation to growing numbers of developers through its Metaverse project. Creators at the booth had access to YAHAHA’s Asset Library, which provides over a million ready-to-use 3D assets. Novice game developers were guided through the creation of their first game in just 15 minutes. All of the games created on YAHAHA’s 300MB app at GDC are now available to play online, as just some of the tens of thousands of UGC games supported by its servers.

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