YouGov unveils US bettor research report, which highlights that 43% of sports bettors use three or more sportsbook apps

By | April 24, 2024


YouGov has released its US bettor research report, which provides detailed insights into the preferences of US sports bettors.

Utilizing YouGov Custom Research, the report uncovers the impact that ESPN BET has had on the market, which in-app sportsbook features drive bettor engagement, and much more.

The report finds that:

  • 71% of 25-44 year-old bettors find the ability to live stream sporting events that they bet on in their sportsbook app important (vs 65% all ages)
  • bet365 is the most used sportsbook by 21-34 year-olds and DraftKings is used most by all other ages
  • 67% of 21-24 year-old current and prospective bettors are likely to create a sportsbook account with a sportsbook that is associated with a streaming service (vs 57% of all ages)
  • 51% of sports bettors are using ESPN BET more than they used to (vs 15% using it less)

“The US sports betting industry is a very competitive marketplace and maintaining loyalty from customers has proven to be difficult for sportsbooks, especially when new sportsbooks enter the market,” said Jeff Morris, VP at YouGov.

“Our research shows that the sportsbooks that incorporate key in-app features like live streaming sporting events can provide an advantage for driving interaction from current sports bettors and attracting prospective sports bettors.”

The report highlights key factors that would influence prospective sports bettors to create their first sportsbook account and provides an in-depth look at how sports bettor preferences vary across age groups.


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