Zitro Shakes Up the Peruvian Market with the Presentation of its Glare Product Range

By | June 20, 2022


Zitro has presented in Lima, Peru, its new GLARE Family and has done so in an exclusive event in which its customers have been able to know the extensive and innovative product portfolio of Zitro for the Peruvian market, accompanied by a gourmet dining experience designed by the renowned chef Hector Solis, which has moved all attendees.

This event comes at the best moment for Zitro in Peru, after having obtained from the MINCETUR the homologations of the entire range of GLARE cabinets and games; as well as for the success of Zitro games throughout the country.

“We would like to thank all our customers for coming to our exclusive event in Peru, where the entire GLARE product range has made its debut exclusively for the Peruvian market. Undoubtedly, the event has been a great success, together with the gastronomic experience of Héctor Solís, has made Zitro shine more than ever with its brand new and innovative product line,” says Alejandra Burato, Zitro’s regional director for Latin America.

The Zitro event held on June 14 was a sensory experience for all attendees, where customers were able to taste a delicatessen menu with local delicacies. A meeting that will undoubtedly reinforce the results obtained by Zitro in the region and be in the way to become one of the leader gaming companies in the Peruvian market, as it is already in other Latin American countries.

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