Sportsflare and HUDstats deliver first positional esports betting widget

By | July 29, 2021

Sportsflare will collaborate with HUDstats on a first-of-its-kind positional betting widget for CS:GO, League of Legends and Dota 2 as part of a new esports data partnership.

Through this agreement, the Tiidal Gaming Group subsidiary said that both parties will add complementary and best in-class skills to create and deliver innovative esports products to market, resulting in a complete software suite for sportsbook partners.

Max Polaczuk, Founder and CEO of Sportsflare, said: “We are delighted to work with HUDstats, as we both share the same vision for what esports betting should look like now, and in the future. Our positional betting widget will be the first exemplar of what we can provide when combining our skills and resources.“

The positional odds betting widget is delivered as a feed through an iFrame interface. Described as a ‘hyper engaging betting category’, it allows players to bet on the location of the next event occurrence across the three major esports titles.

These ‘micromarkets’ have a fast payout cycle, meaning players can ‘wager, result and repeat’ many times over during a single esports map.

Key micromarkets include which team will make the next kill across all three titles, as well as which team will destroy the next tower in League of Legends and Dota and which bomb site will the bomb be planted in for CS:GO.

Andrei Balanescu, Founder and CEO at HUDstats, added: “We consider this partnership a huge step forward. Sportsflare’s innovative in-play odds brought just what we needed to complement our unique data visualisation solutions. Together, we will push the boundaries of esports betting.”

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