Blackjack Players Should Remember To Sign Up For Casino Rewards

By | October 13, 2021

Just about everyone visiting a casino today signs up for a rewards program. Even if they’re not a gambler, these casino loyalty programs offer some kind of discounts that the general public won’t see. Rewards increase as a casino customer spends money.

This is a reminder for recreational blackjack players to sign up for a casino rewards program. Not everyone spends money the same way in the casino. Blackjack players are a breed of their own.

Many blackjack players enjoy the game because of the low house edge. Their spending in a casino is often looking for similar financial experiences. In other words, blackjack players always want a bargain or a deal. Frankly, who can blame them?

Besides the blackjack rules, rewards discounts, loyalty benefits, and complimentary items go a long way in helping a player get the most bang for their buck.

The best casino perks aren’t available to anyone. Only about 10%-20% of casino guests qualify for upper tiers of rewards programs. This is where players get those amazing freebies “everyone” talks about. While it’s great to have hope to reach premier status, it’s more useful to be realistic and make the most of how much you’re spending.

Here are some things to keep in mind for blackjack players looking to get the most from rewards for their casino spending.

Sign up for a rewards program and learn the rules

There’s no longer a stigma to using rewards cards to obtain discounts in any walk of life. That’s the case in casinos as well. More people are signing up for rewards programs than ever. For example, Caesars Rewards has well over 55 million members. MGM Resorts’ M Life Rewards has more than 35 million members.

If you want to earn and use rewards, sign up for a program before spending money in a casino. Some will even let you sign up online. This is important but it’s only the first step.

Blackjack players should first look to see how their gameplay is rewarded. Not all casinos have the same policy. In addition, the rewards will likely be different depending on which type of blackjack game is played.

Live dealer may only be rewarded if you wager a certain amount. Electronic or video blackjack may not reward points at all. In addition, there may only be a certain type of reward point or credit won. Some casinos won’t reward points for video and electronic blackjack.

Read the reward club rules to make sure you’ll receive perks that match what you want. If you forget to read the rules, the dealer can probably offer some information at the table.

Play the best game possible

The best blackjack games can have a very small house edge if you play with perfect basic strategy. Blackjack players should always look to play a blackjack game with the most player-friendly rules in the area. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible in larger casino markets like Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

This is a judgment-free zone as long as you’re playing blackjack using the perfect basic strategy.

Sometimes playing the best game in town isn’t possible. There are always times when friends want to visit a casino that offers different levels of less than optimal blackjack rules. That’s okay(ish) if you look for the best of the bad rules games. There are different degrees to 6:5 blackjack so try to find the best of the worst.

There are multiple reasons to play the best black games possible. The better the rules of the game, the more hands a player should see. Playing longer helps increase the chance that a player will walk away as a winner. If nothing else, playing blackjack longer should provide more casino fun times. That’s half the reason we visit casinos!

However, this is also important for casino rewards clubs

More time at the blackjack table means greater rewards

Playing the best blackjack games in a casino will lead to more fun and possibly a winning session. Just as important is that playing longer will also lead to greater rewards. This is the case for both live and electronic blackjack games in the casino.

Rewards for live dealer games (blackjack and otherwise) are usually rewarded by a proprietary algorithm. The rewards are doled out by the game played, amount played per hand, and length of time playing.

If a person is playing longer because of their skill they should see greater rewards. There are a few ways to stay on the clock longer. A full table helps slow down the game since there are more hands for the dealer. A longer or extra trip to the restroom is a way to lengthen play without betting as well. Similarly, stepping away from the game to check a phone for scores or messages is a way to skip a hand or two.

Don’t abuse these tips because dealers notice everything and may penalize you. On this note, tipping a dealer is a good way to ensure they make sure you’re rated fairly. Obviously, winning sessions make tipping easier. While the rewards are based on an algorithm, the information is based on the human eye watching your play.

Lastly, check with the pit boss after the session to make sure you’re rewarded properly. This is probably a bigger deal for anyone playing $25 hands or greater since the ratings can swing greatly. The pit bosses and dealers don’t mind. There isn’t an accurate tracking system at table games until all casinos use RFID chips to track wagers.

Electronic and video blackjack games rate a player 100% accurately if there’s a card in use. Time is a little different here as a player can go as fast or slow as they want. The machines track the money not the time. Longer play is less strategic for these games.

Other casino spending

Blackjack players may not earn the most credits from gambling. Most casinos offer reward points and credits from spending throughout the property and beyond. Many players only know to use rewards cards when gambling.

It’s easy to forget to use a rewards card when spending money with a casino when not gambling. Sometimes the non-gaming spend can generate more rewards than gambling. Casino guests can also earn points on the following:

  • Meals
  • Drinks
  • Spa treatments
  • Shopping
  • and more

Some larger rewards clubs even offer reward points and credits when a customer spends money with a partner. This is why reading the rules of the club is so important.

I’ve been a medium roller most of my life. Since Covid-19 I’ve been gambling much less than before. I’m still earning almost as many reward points and credits. Instead of earning rewards from gambling, I’m focused on not forgetting to use my card for all meals, snacks, and drinks. It all adds up!

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