Changes At Caesars Palace

By | September 2, 2022

Caesars Palace is one of the most iconic names in the casino business. Well, things are changing at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

Last year the casino started a relatively small renovation of the original casino, entrance and lobby bar area of the property.

Recently, the last remaining employee from the first year of Caesars Palace retired. Caesars celebrated blackjack dealer, Benny Figgins’, last day with an impressive red carpet send-off that led to a limo ride home.

Additionally, Caesars gave Figgins a commemorative plaque along with a string of crystals from the original Caesars Palace casino dome chandelier.

Figgins started working at Caesars Palace on April 27, 1967. He worked in five different positions at the casino over the years. He finally found his place at Caesars Palace dealing blackjack.

Figgins started dealing blackjack in 1971. He retired from Caesars Palace after dealing cards for more than 50 years.

Over the years Figgins dealt blackjack to celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr., Joe Lewis (you can still see a statue of the boxer in the casino), Diana Ross, and more.

While meeting and dealing blackjack games to celebrities is fun, that isn’t his favorite memory. Figgins’ most memorable moment working at Caesars Palace is when he met his wife at the casino 48 years ago.

Caesars Palace Renovations

Coincidentally, Figgins retired shortly after Caesars Palace completed a refresh of the original casino.

The casino under the dome definitely needed a facelift after years of heavy use from visitors. It’s great to see that Caesars kept the original design and just added a little more glam to the space.

“Caesars Palace brought a sense of grandeur to the Las Vegas Strip when it was built in 1966, and we’re proud to continue that legacy with a full reimagining of our main entrance,” said Sean McBurney, Caesars Entertainment Regional President. “Completely rebuilding the front entrance of one of the world’s most iconic destinations is no small task, and we’re excited to get started and create a stunning new visual welcome for our guests.”

Earlier this year Caesars Palace revealed its renovated front entrance and lobby. This was all part of a makeover of the property closest to the Vegas Strip.

The Caesars Palace renovations are nearing completion. The lobby bar area should be finished shortly.

Caesars Palace Blackjack

Caesars Palace has always been hit or miss with blackjack games. The casino in the center of the Vegas Strip used to have some of the worst blackjack games in Las Vegas.

Today, Caesars Palace has fairly middling blackjack rules for the Vegas Strip. The casino has games that aren’t great but it also has some games that aren’t the worst.

Unlike many Vegas Strip casinos, blackjack players can find 3:2 blackjack games on the main casino floor. In this case, there are $25 3:2 blackjack games under the newly refreshed dome, according to Vegas Advantage.

Similar to many Vegas Strip casinos, there are multiple blackjack games with different rules on the main casino floor. Vegas Advantage notes there are five different games available. Always read the rules of the game before sitting down at a blackjack table.

Most games at Caesars Palace will pay 6:5 when a player receives a natural blackjack. The Free Bet Blackjack games also pay 6:5 when a player receives a natural.

High-limit blackjack players should find playable games at Caesars Palace with player-friendly rules. Just head over to the high-limit salon.

The room has a double-deck blackjack game that allows players to double after splitting. Caesars Palace is the only Caesars casino that offers this game.

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