Different Casino Skill Games For Blackjack Players Looking For Something Different

By | September 20, 2021

Blackjack players enjoy the game because there’s a bit of skill involved than most casino games. The luck of the draw matters but blackjack players can use skill to improve their chance of winning. Knowing the correct basic strategy helps lower the house edge for the casino.

Using proper strategy should allow players to enjoy their blackjack session for longer than those without this skill. Knowing the correct strategy could also help a player walk away from more blackjack sessions as a winner.

Part of the fun when playing blackjack is being able to partially control how good or bad your gambling session will be. Games like Pai Gow Poker and 3 Card Poker may fun but there isn’t much skill involved to stimulate the mind.

Skill-based machine games sound like a good option for those who like to think a little while gambling. Unfortunately, these machine games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) like a slot machine. It may appear as though skill matters but over time these games will payout whatever they’re programmed to return to players.

Blackjack players sometimes are looking for another way to be entertained in the casino. While craps might be the most fun game, it doesn’t require much skill. Here are a few options for blackjack players looking to gamble using a little skill in the casino.

Casino Skill Games

There is some kind of decision involved with every game. This can be considered a skill but the choices made during the games don’t have quite the same effect as when playing blackjack. The house edge in blackjack can swing serveral percentage points making the correct plays. The same can’t be said for Pai Gow Poker or 3 Card Poker.

Casino skill games offer competition. Whether a player is against the casino or a peer, having better skill should allow that person the chance to win. Money is always good but winning is what matters most to some players.

Skill can drastically change results for anyone playing the following games:

Live poker

Playing live poker is the ultimate game of skill inside of casinos. Unlike blackjack, players won’t be removed from a casino by using their skill. Poker is a peer against peer game where the casino won’t lose to a player using exceptional skill.

Contrast using skill to play poker with counting cards in blackjack. You can see why players look to poker as a casino game where they can make a living. There’s no risk of using skill and getting kicked out of a casino.

Sports betting

Not many people think of sports betting as a casino game of skill. However, it’s similar to poker in that you can use data and player psychology to lower the house edge. Unlike poker, players are gambling against the casino and may be removed if they’re too good using their skill to beat the house.

The house edge in sports betting is often less than 5%. Using skill can bring that house edge down over time. Sports betting is different from most casino games as the results aren’t always immediate. It can take hours or days for a bet to be completed. This allows sports bettors time to relax or multi-task with another game inside the casino.

Video Poker

This is another game many gamblers don’t think of as a game of skill. Video poker is ubiquitous for being a brainless activity while sitting at a casino bar enjoying complimentary drinks. While that may be the case for some players it isn’t for everyone.

Not many realize that the math behind playing video poker is closer to blackjack than slot machines. Similar to blackjack, the house edge players see is dependent on playing with a totally perfect video poker strategy.

There are various video poker games and paytables. Find the game that best suits your playing style. While 9/6 Jacks Or Better may be a boring variation it’s my favorite because it’s less volatile than other games.

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