Four Things To Avoid To Become A Better Blackjack Player

By | December 8, 2021

There’s no perfect system to win every blackjack session. However, there are a few things a blackjack player can do to lower the house edge and possibly have more winning sessions.

The single best way to win at blackjack is to play only games with the best rules and always play with perfect basic strategy and count cards.

The combination of these tactics can swing the overall advantage to the player. This gives the player an edge over infinite hands. However, this doesn’t give a player an edge on every single hand.

Unfortunately, counting card is difficult for the majority of recreational gamblers. Not everyone has the time or desire to master this incredibly useful skill. There are a few relatively easy things to avoid that should lead to a better blackjack experience.

One thing cannot be denied. Learning the perfect basic strategy is the best way to reduce the advantage for the casino. Gamblers can take even more easy steps to reduce the house edge and become better blackjack players. Here are a few things to avoid when playing blackjack.

Never Play 6:5 Blackjack Games

The best way to increase the chances of a winning session is to avoid playing a 6:5 blackjack game. Over the past decade, casino operators have been changing from 3:2 to this lower payout when a player is dealt a natural blackjack.

The difference in the short term is small but it adds up. This is from our strategy page:

“If you bet $10 on a 3:2 table and hit blackjack, you will receive $15, or 1.5 times your initial bet. At a 6:5 table, the same bet would only pay $12 if you hit blackjack because you receive a return of $6 for every $5 you bet.”

The $3 difference from small denominations doesn’t seem to be too bad. It all adds up when you add this to the number of times you’ll get blackjack in your life.

Looking at it another way in round numbers, 6:5 blackjack payouts are about 1/3rd less than the 3:2 payouts.

The lower payout increases the house edge for the casino. This makes it more difficult to play longer and/or walk away from the game as a winner.

Playing 6:5 blackjack is worse than the 3:2 game no matter what your goals are for the experience – winning or playing longer.

Avoid Dumb Errors

Learning to play using perfect basic blackjack strategy will allow a player to avoid dumb errors. In fact, players don’t have to learn anything as blackjack strategy cards are sold inside most casinos and are allowed at the table (players cannot use digital versions).

The house edge calculated for blackjack is based on perfect play. Every wrong play in blackjack increases the advantage for the casino.

Learning basic strategy isn’t difficult. It’s possible to read the charts and practice the skill online or on a mobile device before even heading into the casino.

Just fixing a few errors will keep the house edge of a blackjack game intact. I’m a recreational blackjack player and I’m always working to reduce errors. Here are a few mistakes I used to make regularly. The only time I make these errors today with when I’m in the middle of a conversation or not sober.

Don’t Let The Dealer Dictate The Speed Of The Game

Playing blackjack at your own speed is helpful mentally and strategically. Dealers can be fast but players shouldn’t feel forced to play at that speed.

Acting too quickly could force errors and increase the edge for the casino.

Slowing the game down doesn’t change the cards. However, the overall house edge in blackjack is over infinite hands. Playing slower won’t change the house edge but it will reduce the expected loss for a session since there are fewer hands being played.

I’m sure it’s coincidental but it seems as though casinos send faster dealers when I’m on a hot streak when playing with a fun cordial dealer. I usually stop playing when the casino brings in a fast dealer. I’m bad at math and don’t need their help messing up my plays.

Avoid Side Bets

Casino operators and gaming manufacturers add side bets to games in order to increase the house edge of games. There is no strategy where a player wins these bets in the long run.

Just stick to playing a good basic game and learning the correct strategy to have a good time and possibly walk away a winner.

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