House Edge Of Non-Blackjack Games In Most Casinos

By | August 5, 2022

Most casinos offer the same games. While this always includes blackjack it might include a few easy-to-play games that don’t require any skill at all.

In addition to blackjack games, casinos usually offer Roulette and Craps. When the casinos have room for another couple of tables they often choose to offer Three Card Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold’em.

Larger casinos have room to offer different versions of Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, and a few other games that are often replaced shortly after a brief trial.

We recently highlighted the games available at the recently opened Table Mountain Casino. While that casino is relatively large, and has many games, Legends Bay Casino only has 10 total table games – half of which are blackjack.

While everyone visiting this website is interested heavily in blackjack, some players like to change things up by playing other games for a little in between sessions. Playing a different game might come in handy for some players who strictly play blackjack in casinos.

Personally, my other preferred casino games change every so often. When I first started gambling Craps was the other game I would play when visiting a casino besides blackjack. That moved to Three Card Poker for a while before moving to Las Vegas.

Nowadays I find myself playing more Pai Gow Poker than any other casino game – including blackjack. It feels like a better value when visiting Vegas Strip casinos that mostly offer 6:5 blackjack games for bets under $50. When I choose to play blackjack, it’s usually at casinos away from the Vegas Strip.

Between the pushes and relatively low house edge in Pai Gow Poker, I find that my money lasts longer. Sometimes I’ll even walk away from the table as a winner.

The extra time at the table allows me to have more drinks which leads to more fun gambling. Like most recreational gamblers, I visit casinos to have fun.

Secondary Casino Games

Having a second favorite game when visiting a casino is useful for at least a couple of reasons.

Everyone hits a cold streak in blackjack. Taking a break to cool down is important.

Some players just head away from the casino floor when they need a break. Having a secondary casino game to reset the body and mind is another way to cool down.

Recreational blackjack players like myself are just like breaking up the day or night in the casino. Having another game to play is just another way to have fun. While it’s nice to win, it’s also good to enjoy yourself in a casino.

There are numerous reasons for someone to pause playing blackjack and there are plenty of options available.

House Edge For Different Casino Games

Blackjack players love the game because it involves skill and can have a low house edge depending on the game. The best blackjack games have a house edge below 1% with perfect play.

Many will prefer a secondary casino game with a similarly low house edge as blackjack. Other players might just want to play a different game that doesn’t need too much skill but is fun to play.

Playing a game with a comparatively low house edge is a good way to extend how long money will last while gambling.

Let’s take a look at the house edge for some of the other popular casino games that most people will find in most casinos today.

  • Baccarat: Between 1.06% (traditional player), 1.24% (traditional banker) and 1.24% (mini)
  • Craps: Between 1.41% (passline) and 16.67% (any 7)
  • Mississippi Stud Poker: 4.91%
  • Pai Gow Poker: Between (Face Up) 1.81% and (traditional) 2.72%
  • Roulette: 00 is 5.26% and 000 is 7.69%
  • Three Card Poker: Between 3.37% and 7.28% for an average of 5.32%
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em: 2.21%

Craps is the most fun and chaotic game in the casino. It has a low house is players keep it simple with a passline bet. The edge on passline bets is even lower when a player takes advantage of free odds.

Baccarat is a very mellow game with a low house edge. It can be a good option for those looking for a mental break while still gambling.

Mississippi Stud Poker, Roulette and Three Card poker use minimal skill and have among the highest house edges of all table games. The games can be fun but the high house edge may not appeal to blackjack players.

Two of my favorite non-blackjack casino games – Craps and Pai Gow Poker – have a low house edge. This isn’t an accident.

I was almost exclusively visiting Atlantic City casinos when I was playing Three Card Poker as an alternative. At the time, the game was very rewarding and fun to play.

Three Card Poker is fun when there are winning sessions. When I moved to Las Vegas those winning Three Card Poker sessions went away. Every now and then I’ll see if I can find that Atlantic City mojo. Sadly, Three Card Poker in Las Vegas still doesn’t treat me well.

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