Luke Bryan Performs Country Music And Plays Blackjack

By | November 18, 2022

Celebrities playing blackjack is a fun topic. They often gamble amounts that recreational players won’t touch. This lets us dream about what it’s like gambling with big bucks.

Their tales about celebrities playing blackjack games are often more entertaining than educational so we don’t cover the topic all that often. Occasionally, there’s a celebrity that cheats. While interesting it’s not exactly fun or educational.

Luke Bryan is a country music singer who enjoys gambling. Along with Katy Perry, Bryan is one of the resident artists at Resorts World Las Vegas.

Bryan is performing at the Vegas Strip casino until Dec. 10 this year. He’ll return to Resorts World for more shows from Feb. to April next year.

Bryan likes craps but it seems as though he might play blackjack more often. He’s shared details about his gambling escapades a few times over the past couple of years.

At least one of the stories took place in a Las Vegas casino in between tour stops prior to his residency at Resorts World.

Like all gamblers, he’s not always a winner. However, it’s more fun to share stories about the good times playing blackjack, so let’s start there.

Luke Bryan Winning Blackjack Stories

Last year Bryan shared a story of playing a little blackjack prior to watching a Georgia Bulldogs football game at noon. He claims to have won 16 straight hands and $60,000 in six minutes while killing time before watching the game.

Here’s Bryan’s first blackjack story:

“Well, I go down, and I wanted to play a few hands of Blackjack, and then I wanted to go stop and sit at a bar and watch my Georgia Bulldogs play.

I know I don’t have much time, and I sit down and I won 14 hands in a row and I won $60,000 in 14 hands.

I just, it happened. I sat down and the first card, I just started winning. I think it was six total minutes. I won 60 grand, I got up and then I just went and watched my Georgia Bulldogs.”

Earlier this year he shared a similar story about winning at blackjack on a podcast. This time he played a few more hands and won even more money.

“I come out to tour the theater, and the theater it’s like scaffolding, people fuckin’ welding in there, building the stage and I’m like cool so I go and sit at the Blackjack table, and I get like $10 grand.

Dude, the dealer runs me off 19 in a row…19 hands in a row and I played…I won $180,000 in 19 hands.”

Big Wins And Big Losses

While the winning sessions are more fun to talk about there’s always the other side of the coin. As we said earlier, not all of Bryan’s blackjack sessions are winners.

It sounds like he had a bad run at the tables in February during his Las Vegas residency. While he was looking at the merchandise at Resorts World he asked fans to “Please buy it because I’ve lost money on the blackjack table…”

We all love hearing the stories about winning at blackjack. However, no gamblers win all the time. It’s a good reminder to players that they will hit losing streaks in the casino.

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