Six Figure Blazing 7’s Jackpot Win At Planet Hollywood

By | September 17, 2021

Caesars Las Vegas casinos continue to dish out large progressive jackpots. However, this $132,062 Blazing 7’s blackjack progressive jackpot at Planet Hollywood is the first for this blackjack game in a while.

According to Caesars, a person who wished not to be identified won the jackpot on a $5 progressive side bet on Wednesday, Sept. 15. The player was dealt three 7’s of diamonds to take home the big $132k jackpot.

The Blazing 7’s jackpot seemed to hit every few weeks at Caesars Las Vegas casinos last year. It seems as though the progressive jackpots this year have been spread around other games in the casino like Pai Gow Poker and Ultimate Texas Hold ‘Em.

Big Progressive Jackpots At Caesars Las Vegas

The Caesars Las Vegas progressive jackpots are on the high side for two reasons.

  • First, progressive side bets cost $5 per hand. Some of the smaller casinos offer these bets for $1.
  • Second, and more important, is that these Caesars’ progressive jackpots at all Las Vegas casinos are all linked.

For example, a $5 progressive bet placed at Caesars Palace goes into the pot for anyone to win at any of the following Las Vegas casinos:

  • Bally’s
  • Caesars Palace
  • The Cromwell
  • Flamingo
  • Harrah’s
  • The Linq
  • Paris
  • Planet Hollywood
  • Rio

The combination of the larger side bet wager and linked progressives make the Caesars jackpots a bit larger than most casinos in the US.

Blazing 7’s Payouts

Blazing 7’s is a simple and popular side bet that uses the same brand slot machine lovers have known for years.

The payouts are as simple as the dealer dishing out a 7 to a player. The fixed payouts as follows:

  • One seven 2-1
  • Two sevens 25-1
  • Three sevens 200-1
  • Three colored sevens: 500-1

Blazing 7’s blackjack has two linked progressive jackpots that pay out the big bucks:

  • Three suited sevens: 10% of the jackpot
  • Three sevens in diamonds: 100% of the jackpot

According to Wizard Of Odds, the house edge on this bet is somewhere around 5%. While not the best bet in the casino, it’s not the worst.

The linked progressive jackpots at Caesars are only available at live dealer blackjack games. The large influx of electronic table games at Caesars Las Vegas casinos do not participate in the progressive jackpots.

Planet Hollywood was once home to ample good blackjack games under $25. That no longer seems to be the case according to the latest survey from Vegas Advantage.

Planet Hollywood Is Still A Fun Casino

When asked what brought him to the property, the visibly thrilled and excited jackpot winner said, “I really like the people at Planet Hollywood, very high quality.” Prior to moving to Las Vegas, Planet Hollywood was my base casino for most visits to Las Vegas for the same reason.

Planet Hollywood still has the same fun casino environment I came to love after visiting while the property was being transformed from the Alladin.

There are plenty of fun casinos but Planet Hollywood seems to offer more than many mid-tier casinos in Las Vegas. One of the big selling points is being connected to the Miracle Mile Shops. I know, whoop dee do – another mall. Not so fast, my friend.

The attached mall is home to a variety of very affordable dining options. You can still visit these shops and find meals and adult beverages for under $10. This is becoming rarer for a casino on the Vegas Strip every day.

Additionally, the mall offers a variety of restaurants not found elsewhere on the Vegas Strip. There’s everything from Blondie’s sports bar and Chipotle to Pampas Brazilian-style steakhouse and Las Vegas locals favorite Nacho Daddy.

Planet Hollywood is still a fun and affordable casino to visit on the Vegas Strip.

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