Spirit Mountain Casino Adds Electronic Table Game Pit

By | September 27, 2022

Interblock recently announced the installation of an Electronic Table Games pit at Spirit Mountain Casino in Grand Ronde, Oregon. The new Electronic Table Game (ETG) pit will only replace one of the live dealer gaming areas inside the Oregon casino.

The new ETG pit will offer three different games:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette

Two of these three games are making their debut in Oregon at Spirit Mountain Casino. Gregg Levine, Interblock Director of Sales (Western Region) says:

“Spirit Mountain Casino will be the first casino in Oregon to feature Interblock’s MiniStar Golden Ball Roulette and Universal Cabinet Blackjack games. The ETG Pit will also include Universal Cabinet Craps.”

The Universal Cabinet video blackjack game features Interblock’s virtual dealer. This allows the blackjack ETG to simulate realistic card-dealing.

The game gives a player an authentic feeling close to what they experience when playing at a table with a live dealer. This is still a video installation but the dealer helps make it seem similar to a traditional game.

Unlike some video blackjack games, this cabinet has three physical buttons for players to interact with. The game begins when the player presses one of these buttons on the on-screen “Deal” button.

The ETG gaming pit at Spirit Mountain Casino also features craps and roulette. Both games are also for individuals and include a variety of side bets.

ETGs Continue To Grow In Popularity

ETGs have become a favorite of new gamblers in recent years. The popularity of ETGs continues to grow for casino operators and players.

New players enjoy ETG installations since they can play at their own pace without feeling pressure from other players or the dealer at the table. During the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, players enjoyed playing a table game with less human interaction.

These installations are becoming the table game option in casinos for the masses. Casinos are making these games the low roller option for those looking to play blackjack in a casino.

Since Covid-19, the minimum bets at live dealer games have increased – a lot – especially at the high-end Las Vegas casinos.

For example, it’s nearly impossible to find a live dealer blackjack game under $25 at the Cosmopolitan. The minimum bet in blackjack is often $50 per hand on the weekend and peak hours during weekdays. Meanwhile, the ETGs have a $5 minimum bet.

The ETG pit at Spirit Mountain Casino offers guests a different benefit. Unlike Las Vegas and other casino markets, the live dealer table game pits at Spirit Mountain Casino close at night.

This new ETG pit gives guests at the casino an opportunity to play blackjack, roulette and craps after the live dealer pits close for the night. While this isn’t the same, it’s a late night option that wasn’t available before.

Blackjack Games At Spirit Mountain Casino

Spirit Mountain Casino has 17 blackjack tables available in both the smoking and non-smoking areas of the property.

In addition to a traditional live dealer game, Spirit Mountain Casino has Spanish 21, Super Bonus Single-Deck, and Free Bet blackjack games. The casino offers limits as high as $1,000 at some tables. The ETGs have a lower maximum bet.

The Spanish 21 game features a side-bet called “Match the Dealer”. This is a simple optional wager in addition to the main game. A player can win as much as 18-1 if either or both of their first two cards match the Dealer’s up-card in rank.

The Super Bonus Single Deck Blackjack game also has a side bet. Players can wager between $1 and $25 on this bet. A player will win this side bet if they, or the dealer, are dealt a natural blackjack on the first deal of the cards immediately after a shuffle. The Super Bonus wager pays as much as 17-1.

Free Bet Blackjack plays similar to the game in other casinos.

In addition to blackjack, Spirit Mountain Casino offers the following live dealer table games:

  • Bonus Let It Ride
  • Craps
  • EZ Baccarat
  • Pai Gow


  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em

The casino also offers sports betting via BetMGM along with a variety of slot machines.

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