Stay Away From The Mimic The Dealer Strategy

By | October 20, 2022

Basic strategy is the most tried and true way to keep the house edge low when playing blackjack in a casino. Alternativ strategies come and go but the boring old basic strategy holds true.

Playing blackjack and making perfect basic plays is the best and easiest way to reduce the advantage of a casino. A player can use this strategy while counting cards and even swing the advantage to their side.

When a player plays blackjack and makes perfect basic strategy moves they can reduce the house edge for the casino to as little as 0.05%. No other blackjack strategy has this effect on the game.

Recently I’ve come across players mimicking the dealer as a strategy. While this may be a simple and consistent action plan when playing blackjack games, it isn’t an optimal strategy.

This is almost as good as playing blackjack based on hunches and not using mathematical probability.

Don’t worry about the math behind basic strategy if you don’t want to. Since a basic strategy has been created already, there’s no math involved for most recreational players.

Mimic The Dealer Strategy

The “mimic the dealer” strategy is exactly what it sounds like. Players will use the same house rules that the dealer plays with.

Players that use this strategy do so, in part, because a dealer is beating them more often than not. The thought process continues that if these rules work for the dealer, they should also work for the player.

After all, the casino always has a mathematical advantage, so why not mimic them? This seems like sound logic but that’s not quite the case.

The real advantage for the dealer is playing their hand after the players are done making their moves. The dealer only plays their hand if all players don’t bust first.

Additionally, players that don’t know basic strategy often make erroneous moves that increase the advantage for the casino.

This Strategy Removes Player Advantages

While simple, using the mimic-the-dealer strategy takes away some of the rules that are actually in favor of the player.

If a player used the mimic the dealer strategy they will not be allowed to double down or split pairs. Both of these moves are part of the basic strategy and reduce the house edge for a casino.

Moreover, players wouldn’t be able to stand against a dealer’s low card. For example, players would have to hit their 15 against a dealer showing a 2. This is bad form for anyone that’s ever played blackjack.

Players would also give up the right to surrender their hands. Again, this will slightly increase the house edge for the casino.

All of these small built-in advantages for the player help keep the players in the game longer. Playing blackjack with these advantages and using the perfect basic strategy will help reduce the house edge for the casino.

Bottom Line

Mimicking the dealer will not reduce the house edge for the casino. These plays will increase the advantage of the casino.

According to Wizard Of Odds, the mimic-the-dealer strategy has a house edge for the casino of 5.48%. Compare this to basic strategy which can bring the house edge down to as little as 0.05%.

Bottom line: Learn to play perfect basic strategy.

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