The Lucky Lucky Side Bet May Be Coming To A Casino Near You

By | January 7, 2022

Blackjack side bets come and go. The optional Lucky Lucky side bet is currently at more than 1,000 blackjack games around the US.

The number of Lucky Lucky side bets available in casinos could grow soon. Gaming manufacturer AGS purchased the Lucky Lucky blackjack side bet from a smaller company.

AGS is the company behind a number of blackjack side bets and progressive jackpots. The Buster Blackjack side bet and the Super 4 Progressive are among the most popular from AGS.

John Hemberger, Senior Vice President of Table Products for AGS says:

“Popular in both e-Tables and online gaming formats, Lucky Lucky’s appeal extends beyond the traditional brick-and-mortar live table game environment, making it a natural next step to introduce with a progressive. We believe Lucky Lucky will further cement our position as the leading provider of blackjack progressive content in the industry.”

You probably don’t need it but here’s a video explaining the Lucky Lucky side bet.

How To Play The Lucky Lucky Side Bet

Understanding how to play the Lucky Lucky side bet is simple. The bet involves the first two cards dealt to a player. The bet also involves the dealer’s upcard.

Together these three cards create a total. A player wins the Lucky Lucky side bet if the total of the three cards is 19 or greater.

That’s it. The player just needs to add the cards they’re first dealt with the upcard for the dealer.

The Lucky Lucky side bet is just simple math of the first three cards in play for the player and dealer. Some other side bets that involve the first three cards can be a bit more complicated using rules from other games.

Blackjack players who frequently play side bets aren’t the sharpest gamblers. The simplicity of the Lucky Lucky side bet is what makes it so popular.

Some of the fans of Lucky Lucky may not realize that they’re playing a blackjack side bet that could have a low house edge for the casino. This is a rarity for side bets.

The relatively low house edge for this bet means playing it shouldn’t impact a bankroll too much.

Lucky Lucky Paytable And House Edge

There are different pay tables available depending on how many decks are in play. Here’s a look at a good paytable for a normal shoe game:

  • Suited 7-7-7: 200-1
  • Suited 6-7-8: 100-1
  • Unsuited 7-7-7: 50-1
  • Unsuited 6-7-8: 30-1
  • Suited 21: 15-1
  • 21 Total pays: 3-1
  • 20 Total: 2-1
  • 19 Total: 2-1

According to Wizard of Odds, the house edge for the six-deck version of the Lucky Lucky side bet is a respectable 2.66%.

Blackjack side bets often have a rather large house edge. Depending on the paytable and number of decks in play, the Lucky Lucky side bet could have a house edge greater than 9%.

The Lucky Lucky paytable has more of an impact on the house edge than the number of decks in play. Focus on the paytable when looking to see if this side bet is playable.

Like all blackjack games and side bets, read the rules before placing a wager. Just changing one of the Lucky Lucky payouts could double the house edge.

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