Rivalry Increases its Betting Handle in 2021 by More Than 180%

By | January 6, 2022

rivalry_increases_its_betting_handle_in_2021_by_more_than_180In 2021, we witnessed the flourishing of the iGaming industry. In addition to providers who are constantly launching products and entering partnerships, several players have decided to spend their time on this type of entertainment and invest money in their favorite titles.

The Rivalry company recorded three-digit growth during 2021, as shown by the annual report. Representatives of the brand hope that during 2022 this increase will be even greater and the company will be even more successful.

At the end of 2020, the company had 350,000 registered clients. However, that number increased significantly by October 2021, amounting to an incredible 600,000 registered users.

The company’s betting handle increased 180% to as much as CA $66.1m by October last year. We must note that these figures refer to the period from the beginning of 2021 to a certain month, in this case, October.

Fully Registered

Over the past year, Rivalry has decided to apply to the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to become a fully registered casino that provides online gaming and sports betting in Ontario.

Steven Salz, Co-Founder & CEO of Rivalry Corp. gave his humble opinion regarding this situation and stated: ”I’m confident Rivalry as a company, and a collection of talented individuals understands better than any of our peers how to navigate and participate in this culture. It is an inevitable generational tidal wave that we are focusing all our efforts on acquiring, retaining, and entertaining. We are confident 2022 will be another record year of accomplishments.”

He added that this brand wants to expand during 2022, not only in sports betting, but also in entertainment.

“It’s my belief that this intersection we live in, and the demographic we are serving, represents one of the greatest opportunities of the coming decade,” Salz added.

Other Ontario News

Authorities in Ontario have decided to temporarily close all casino facilities after a drastic increase in the number of people infected with the omicron variant of the covid-19 virus. Everyone hopes that this shut down will be only a temporary measure, but not a long-term one. The measure will take effect on Wednesday, and the decision says it will last until January 26.


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