Arcade Sci-fi Match-3 Shooter Metacell: Genesis ARCADE Wins Fan Favorite Voting Round 13 at GDWC 2021!

By | June 22, 2021
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Metacell: Genesis ARCADE by USA-based Team Metacell has won the 13th round of Fan Favorite voting at the Game Development World Championship 2021 (GDWC). Developers describe the game as an action packed sci-fi match three shooter and a homage to the classic arcade games. It is available on Steam Early Access.

Team Metacell moves on to the final Fan Favorite voting round to compete for the victory of the Fan Favorite category. Final voting takes place at the end of GDWC 2021.

2nd place went to Phantom Beasts – Redemption by Ready Steady Games from Israel. “A sci-fi action 2.5D side scroller, where Player collects, upgrades and controls powerful hybrid beasts called phantoms, which bestow him with amazing special abilities, to kick some ass!”

3rd place was taken by Crazy Pirate Kaboom by Coded Fun Games from Netherlands. “A casual cartoony pirate shooter where you constantly just want to play the next level. Navigate your trusty ship between incoming cannonballs and fire while staying clear of tentacles and flying ships.”

GDWC Team congratulates the Winners and sends thanks to all Nominees and voters. The Fan Favorite category Winner is decided in a series of pre-qualifying votes leading to the Final Vote. Every week nine games are up for a vote and battling for the place in the finals. Find latest vote at

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