Azerion Launches AI-Powered “Smart Content”

By | May 10, 2023
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Azerion has launched “Smart Content”, an AI-powered solution that combines advertising technology and video content onto its platform. Smart Content’s video library of over 10,000 unique brand-safe video clips is seamlessly integrated into Azerion’s video monetisation platform. The content, which is produced in-house, covers various topics across various IAB categories and comes in seven languages.

“With Smart Content, we help publishers to find the perfect video content and ensure optimal engagement and relevance for the publishers’ audience. With targeted audiences, we unlock publishers’ revenue potential with our innovative digital assets and provide more value to our customers,” Damian Hartmann, Product Director of Smart Content at Azerion, said.

“We are determined to keep Azerion at the forefront of these technological advancements in generative AI and machine learning, expanding our value proposition to publishers. With Smart Content, we will help publishers broaden the reach of their campaigns, drive more traffic, and boost engagement to maximise their yield,” Daan Boekestein, Vice President Technology at Azerion, said.

Azerion is the European go-to-partner for advertisers for an easy-to-use, competitively-priced and brand-safe digital environment. Following the acquisition of video advertising company, VLYBY, in October Azerion diversified video advertising offering at its platform. With the launch of Smart Content, the ad tech company strengthens its existing video advertising technology solutions for online publishers with a wide-ranging selection of premium content, paving and simplifying their way to connect with a sophisticated audience through great content that aligns with the users’ interests and expectations.

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