Becky Harris, former Chairwoman of the Nevada Gaming Control Board, joins Oddin as an advisor to the company

By | June 16, 2021


Esports betting provider Oddin has announced that Becky Harris will join the company as a senior advisor in furtherance of Oddin’s commitment to maintain a safe regulatory framework for esports in the US and other international markets.

Becky Harris is currently a Distinguished Fellow in Gaming and Leadership with the International Gaming Institute at UNLV.  In this capacity, Harris works with regulators, operators, academics, and other stakeholders on a host of gaming and leadership related issues and projects. Harris finished her term as Chairwoman of Nevada Gaming Control Board in 2019 and was the first woman to hold the position.  She guided the Board through a number of controversial matters: including, the repeal of PASPA, the emergence of sports betting across the United States, and various Wire Act issues.

Marek Suchar, Head of Partnerships at Oddin, stated:

“Everyone at Oddin is passionate about esports and we all believe that protecting the integrity of the industry is extremely important to its long-term success. In this regard, Oddin has already partnered with ESIC and through its risk management provides integrity monitoring data. Being leaders in esports betting, it is only natural that we seek to expand our horizons and look towards the untapped US market.

We want to help build an ecosystem where the integrity of the betting is paramount. As a former regulator and lawyer, Becky is aware of what it takes to enter and succeed in the US market. In this regard, Becky will be critical in navigating the various US regulatory frameworks and will help position Oddin as a thought leader in building a framework for safe esports betting in the US. We are extremely fortunate to have Becky on this exciting journey with us.”

Becky Harris added:

“Many bookmakers in the US understand the potential of esports betting, yet the regulatory environment stymies significant investment in this space. There is no doubt that esports betting is taking place among US bettors, it is just not necessarily happening through properly licensed operators. I am a believer in esports and am aligned with Oddin’s vision for a safe, transparent and secure environment for esports betting.  The team at Oddin has built an esports-focused technology that addresses both the concerns of regulators as well as the needs of esports fans for betting to be engaging and entertaining. I am excited to join Oddin as they continue to expand their reach in the US, starting with New Jersey.”

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