Betegy partners with Parimatch for innovative European Championship portal project

By | June 14, 2021
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Betegy, the leading sports data and automated content generation system, has added yet another innovative creation to Parimatch’s arsenal with the launch of ahead of this summer’s European Championship.

With the biggest footballing event of the year kicking off, the new innovative service will generate statistics on bets placed throughout the summer football tournament, marking the first time such a wide-scale display of betting information is presented to the public in Russia.

Betegy’s expertise will be used to power Parimatch Inside and swiftly turn complex data and insights into digestible animations, graphics, widgets and texts, all of which will showcase a range of odds, stats, bet distribution, outcome probabilities and more, with the aim of driving player engagement to new heights.

The data will be updated in real time so players can see the latest information in-play, informing bettors and creating a thrilling visual story for punters to follow. Not only is the site comprehensive with its information, but it has also been designed to ensure a smooth user experience, with easy-to-understand data which can be swiftly shared on social media networks.

Not only has the site been launched for players, but there is also an intuitive Telegram bot developed specially for journalists and bloggers, who will be able to receive detailed statistics on key European Championship matches in a convenient, online format from Parimatch. The channel also allows journalists and bloggers to subscribe to any particular team and receive automatic match updates.

Alex Kornilov, Managing Director at Betegy, said: “This summer’s tournament represents a huge opportunity to put statistics to the front of bettors’ minds. We are thrilled to launch this portal, which can host a huge amount of information and process it almost instantly, in partnership with Parimatch. 

“Sport is so exciting due to its unpredictability, but an area where stats reign supreme offers completely new insights. Coupled with our Telegram channel giving important information to journalists and bloggers, we’re proud of our new creation and can’t wait for the tournament to kick off.”

Alexey Babichev, Communications Director at Parimatch, added: “This historic partnership will enable Parimatch to leverage a one-of-a-kind automated content creation platform which we believe will make our marketing campaign a huge success. 

“Thanks to the joint activities of our analysts and colleagues from Betegy, we are transforming our work in providing data on matches during top championships, which is always of interest to our clients, fans, journalists, and those passionate about sports statistics. The European Championship will become even brighter with Parimatch!”

Founded in 2012, Betegy is the content partner of choice for a wealth of global tier-one sports tech, media and gaming companies, including ESPN, Tipico, Ringier Axel Springer, Bwin, Yahoo Sports, Parimatch,, and

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